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"Let the inner you come alive."

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  • Sophiee

    Crime Scene , explantion. well what it is that a girl got bullied. she wanted to be like the other girls at school (right picture). ive used the lader because it shows how the person getting bullied is at the bottom on the lader and the popular girl is on the top on the lader shes above every ones else :) xx

  • JessGaga

    IM SOO SOO SORRY it took so long also it is unedited atm because i am on a netbook so it doesnt let me use this website i use for editing :/ so sorry if it looks shit. if you want i could edit it later but still give it you now x ;] so sorry

  • Hanna.

    i shouldnt still be in the cycle, i havent done task one or two, as ive had alot of things making my life hell, so im pulling out sorrry,xx

  • andrea

    Stereo types i probs went for an obvious one. but it was the first idea i had and my first idea's always the one i use ^______^ Click 'see larger' when marking? :]

  • JessGaga

    ACH NEIN my phone . it has died. :( i cant upload it tonight im such a spesh im so so sorry :O ill understand if you wish to eat me alive for my complete fail but i assure you i do have the picture ready i just cant upload it ... >:( i even have a connection lead now i just dont have a charger :( please forgive me?? give me one last chance :(

  • JessGaga

    thanks :B ill try to get it too you as soon as possible :)

  • JessGaga

    ik it was due into day but i said about my foot i have taken the picture its just im at a friends house and i dont have a connection lead so i can upload it :( so sorry can i upload it tommorow?? :( soo sorry !!!

  • JessGaga

    im having a bit of a iff. i am ready for the picture. but i tore to ligements in my foot yesterday.. :/ so i cant hardly move i will try my hardest for the picture but im so sorry if its shitty :( i should of done it earlier its just i only bought and got everything i needed for it yesterday before i hurt my leg :( xx

  • I'll Hold My Breath

    Duuuuudes (: Read Reaaad, promise, you might like it :L iits pretty cool - totally biased like. sssh o_O but i nabbed, Alex Evan's name as a character, i'm crafty like that :L ooh yeah. review, addd, comment and read thankyyou thankyyou <3 sorry for advertising btw.

  • 'Moates.

    Picture change, I Wanna do this one instead Please :) The Words are suited better, Tah x

  • Sophiee

    task two :) x

  • Erased.

    hey . here's my task two. i didnt want to flood my picture with text, so here's my explanation: instead of going for the overused stereotypes emo, nerd, gangsta, slut etc, i decided to go for something a bit different, yet still a stereotype found in places like cartoons, eg. the simpsons. My stereotype is Tree Hugger, which basically means a nature loving hippy, which explains my granny cardigan and headband. I'm sitting in a peaceful area full of trees and grass, away from the factories, also with a tin & a sign saying "Please Donate to the Animal Rights Foundation", which adds onto my nature loving hippyness. Please click See Larger as bebo messed up the quality a bit. thanks. http://file049b.bebo.com/8/original/...