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  • Closed Down......

    sup lads would be very greatful if ye could get us 1 or 2 gigs before summers out, we need to hit irelands music scene hard:L give us a shout anyway

  • Sarcosus (formerly Vengeance)

    well lads! any gigs? if so, giv us a shout! sound :DD

  • Roberto Brennaneo

    hey im in a band known as Neuro based in portlaoise metal band looking for gigs here are links to songs from our ep enjoy plus get in touch cheers Cerebral: Intro: Neuro: See No Evil: Twist of Fate:

  • Visitor Q

    We are Visitor Q. 100% Irish metal from the depths of Dublin. So you may ask what do we sound like? Well you can download our debut EP "Vile Regression" for free here: FUCK THE RECESSION!! Keep er heavy and support Irish Metal! VQ

  • Shards of Sanity

    Shards of Sanity....we are looking for gigs but everywhere seems dead, so if you have any openings please contact us on bebo or by email! are ifluences are Lamb Of God, Trivium, Chimaira, Gojira etc

  • -Release-

    Hey guys we are a metal band! If you had any gigs we would really appreciate playing!! Cheers Release!


    well lads any gigs going?:)

  • I Am Magicarp


  • Purge - Bassist wanted

    hay, were a heavy 4 peace metal band from tipp, we'd love to gig for ye, if ur settin up any gigs or have any empty slots for gigs, plz contact us, thanks jaffa

  • Dead Label

    Howdy! My names cLaire, I play drums in a band called dead Label! We're gigging around the place n you seem to be running great gigs! Just wondering is there any slots going n if there is would yous keep us in mind please? theres tracks up on our page if youd liek to have a listen! thank you! Claire xxx

  • Paradym

    this is our band site we have unmastered song put up at the minute to show people what we are like so if you are interested in us to play give us a shout tanks......our cd should be mastered soon its been done in america so its taking longer than expected.....

  • CiaranByrne

    Black Dawn Rising from Carlow Check out the songs..

  • Dead Label

    Howdy! We are a three piece metal band from celbridge co. kildare, we are currently trying to gig as much as possible around the country, we would love to play any slot, do you have any availble? There are tracks on or page, all the best

  • Sarcosus (formerly Vengeance)

    hey! we're just wondering if ye have a free slot in any upcoming gigs! we are a thrash/metal band from loughrea! looking forward to your reply! thanks Vengeance

  • Happy Hippos

    Hey, sorry gave the wrong link to our older material below. this is the proper link if you want to check it out :

  • Happy Hippos

    hey guys, just wondering if you have any slots left on any gigs your promoting. were a new thrash/death band from tralee with about 11 originals and 6 covers, We all have plenty of gigging experience as we 4 of us played in a band together previously (which you can check out here ) cheers

  • Breeding Kaos

    Hey dudes please check out some of our songs. The recordings are shit but you'll get an idea of how heavy our live shows are. Good work on the primordial gig, see u in Waterford \w/

  • Transgress (DEBUT ALBUM OUT NOW!)

    Howya, We're a Thrash band from Loughrea in Galway and will be releasing our debut album during the summer and are lookin to put some gigs together to promote it, you can listen to 2 tracks off the album on our page . If you have any free slots coming up we'd be more than happy to fill them. Thanks in advance. Transgress

  • The Forsaken RIP

    hi were the forsaken a thrash band from cork. just looking for gigs over the summer. check out our page and let us know sure . thanks (ciaran)

  • Gilly Mantis

    we'll lads gilly from atrax mantis here just trying to get a few gigs orgainised for the summer give us a shout if ye have any free spots