Eka Arp <EJARP>

"bring it on 2 0 11!!"

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  • Morry Alofa Tuigamala Sua


  • Punitia Afamasaga

    Hi sister:-)kai kele,kai kele

  • Eka Arp

    Man hello beboers bin a long time lol

  • Delia

    Hi Eka hws it goin? U in nz or sa?

  • Riki Puni

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  • Jacqueline-Chantung

    august...ok butta i might be there around that time..so give me the dates so i can make it so dat we go bak together...love ya xo

  • Delia

    Hi Eka:)) how r u?? Hope all is good and the salon is goin great:D Take kare gurl:))

  • Jacqueline-Chantung

    Happy Birthday!! love you girl xoxox

  • Ratt A Tatt Tattooz

    malo riss kele a lou agasala lea ii..lol nah wat up

  • JS

    Heres a heart to my beautiful Aunty Eka..!

  • Sasa'E Evalu


  • Dylan Harris

    I've been in Cali since march.. I haven't kept in touch with anyone. I just started using bebo again.. Lol How is Samoa any news? Any changes?

  • Jacqueline-Chantung

    heas a heart for you!!!!! xo

  • Krystle Brown

    thanx for stopping by! glad to hear alls well.. enjoy the rest of your trip :) happy reraxsation wherever you are!!! u deserve it!

  • Ruda Huda

    hi hi ea masagi....lol....i can c ur lite o fea foi g eke faakelesavili mai ai....:L :L :L :L

  • Dylan Harris

    Yeah, I've been in Cali for about 9 months know. I've been good.. How is the shop doing? How are the boys doing? Well say hi to jayme and Heine for me and take care.. Did I spell there names right? D