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  • Leslie Stokes

    Hey Marina!! It's Leslie. Do you remember me? I haven't seen you in like...a long time!!

  • Olivia

    hey marina! i luv you woman lets hang out soon!

  • Krystina

    marina! i haven't talked to you in forever! how is ala? right? thats the school you go to right?

  • Bianca

    [: marina marina marina! i love you!

  • Soccer Kid Ian

    hey marina i dont think you remeber me from last year i havent seen you forever you should come visit school sometime lol :L bye

  • Taylor Ellingson

    ya well sounds good to me with trees for sure %35 Taylor

  • Cailey Reid

    hey i love you are you still grounded even for me??

  • Taylor Ellingson

    Marina i love you you should come see me at dixon for sure!!!!! Taylor Ellingson:D