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  • Cheryl Laurenson

    I just earned $244 in a few days doing a little work! I used - thank me later

  • Jade

    Heey , how are you & what yeh been dain wae yersell ?x. no spoke to you in agees pal :-O x x x x x

  • James Johnson

    My skin is better din dyn.

  • .Alice In Wonderland.

    Hey bebeh, How are you coping without my gracious presence? haha, joking. Sorry i couldn't talk on the phone (that 4 minutes cost more than a fiver!) hopefully i'll get wifi at a few hostels and can speak! Hope all's good, we're just getting our feet - getting our next accommodation and then hopefully meeting some people who can tell us where to do what! speak soon, love you lots. xxxxx

  • Amanda Johnson

    Hiyi! whit lik? xx

  • T E R R I

    dis d Martin?:L yehhh am comin at..slowly.:L dyan ta doctors dmrn. how is doooo? stil bein an ald bastrd?:P x

  • T E R R I

    no i wisna dyan since doos brung it up al mby ask dem tae sort it oot while am der.:L

  • T E R R I

    fuck sake...

  • T E R R I

    dunoo say dat tae me... am panicin enof as it is...

  • T E R R I


  • T E R R I

    heyyy pal.:L yeh i tyeen,do bn avoidn me? haha.. no mch awa tae gt me tonsils oot a Thursday.:( d? x x x

  • Willum Clubb

    Hi, howz du gittin on wee dadzauld pile o shit? i mind da weekend dat i rallyed hir aroond da park!:L Ha cheerz!

  • T E R R I

    yeh,am no bad i suppose tanx. haha yeh,i im dat. savin up da pennies fir dyan awa nxt year hoopfully. on dis wknd?

  • T E R R I

    heyy,hows it goin? upta mch lately? x x x

  • Dani T

    hiyi beuy!! wir hivin a meal for joe n paula on da 31st o july at da raba at 6.45 if du can mak it!! xx

  • Willum Clubb

    doos bought deesel da best van u can git LOL!!!

  • Sarah Davidson

    Hey baldy. Yeh im pretty good ta, you? Not much really part from im liking the great sunshine, hows it going in walls...? x

  • .Alice In Wonderland.

    oooh, a mention indeed! yip nice legs, but thank god cos i was slightly worried. xx

  • .Alice In Wonderland.

    nice skin - long socks?

  • Kirsten Anderson

    I have a feelin we mite b oot anyey.. but will keep yah posted! =D xxx