Lisa <STRIKE_a_pose_xxx>

"Nobody Said Itd Be Easy. They Just Promised Itd Be Worth It"

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  • Mysterynight

    I just racked $994 in a weekend in my free time! I love this site - Remember who hooked you up!

  • Jaysuna Jean

    I just snagged $800 in 4 days at home on the computer! Made it with - Your going to be so happy!

  • Miss

    I got face book lol im gud ae bck in rotaz busy az Lol

  • Miss

    hey hun how r u

  • Nivvy

    heey chcikk. sorry i didnt even click that it was you until i saw the caar. i was singing away to my ipod. deafinging halof of pukekohe. :L

  • Amy Ngatai

    Hey Doll... Lols yeah i gots facebook and a mob number ums add me on facebook under if u wanna and my numbers 02102713779 lols. C u

  • Amy Ngatai

    Hey Lisa Your an awsome chicky had a gud tym at shanans 21st... Just fort id say hi... From Amy

  • - Steff

    :D xx

  • Miss

    hey hun how r u wat every1 been up to these days wel im hven a bbq and drinks on the 17th if use would like to cum

  • Karlene

    Smokerr? Aee!

  • Miss

    hey hun r use cumin on saturday if yes bring a blow up bed and blankets if cnt let me no

  • Kelly

    aw thanks!!! hehe here is some for u 2! yay cnt wait 4 sat nyt

  • Promiscuity

    hey. no attempt to say hello so didn't accept,

  • Miss

    hey hun jst wanting to no if ya cumin to my 21st any one cn cum and stay my house is opend to every1 i dnt mind if u wanna bring ppl. jst all gota bring own blow up bed and bedding cnt wait yo. let me no by thursady k thanks

  • - Steff

    haha yup yup they sure were lol. Du u live with tom these days? cute. bet ur exiteed ta c him today lol. LOVE

  • Sarah

    sweetas. wat u doing this weekend?