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  • LaYdee Shortee X

    I snagged $439 in two days being online! I got it from - http://x.co/KTDe Dont say I never help anyone!

  • Shiit Biianca'S Fiit

    Yeh ano but at da end of da day kirsty was callin me a paki n everyfin so wot am i supose 2 du... n den ya bro jus started givin me shit calin me a paki n a slag n dat jus coz i wernt talkin 2 jason n i no kirsty is like a sister 2 you -- but put your self in my shoes if yu was coloured n yu got called a paki wat wud yu du . obviously giv them shit bak -- N i no me n kirsty wer best mates at 1 tym but dat was b4 she started bein a dik n a racist cow am sorri but she is n you can giv me shit if yu want but alls am sayin is dat jus fink if it was you wat wud yu du -- n i fote me n yu wer realy swnd ani waizzz Scribble bak x

  • Sophiee

    heya-x it kirsty.. u okii wubu2-x did dat stain cum owt ya pants lol :) lu -x comment back.;

  • Abi Nugent

    heya hunni! hope ur ok? jst passin thru so thought id message ya! u bin up 2 much? wb lv ya xxx

  • Rory Pennington

    hey yh i went st.josephs primary well for 5 years left in yer 6 fought i recognized the face even tho it wer years ago! lol x

  • Lizzie

    hi... i tryed again, might work now, how r u anyway? wat u been up2?.. r u still at college not sin u 4 time wb xx..

  • Lizzie

    hiya... i added u lol, im due 12th june... only 9 weeks.. i cant wait... xxxx....

  • Hannah Beckford

    omg yea ! when i saw ya profile pic i recognised you too but i fink it was like a meetingthing and james hutch was there too lol i forgot bout dat ... anyways r u ok wat u doin now ... college?

  • Jadey Babey

    Jade Simpson Lol i known her since priomory.....bt we never us to talk to each other lol bt yreah she does seem a proper sound gal lol i jus gt bak frm kims ben at kims all afternoon lol holding tyler hes not very well he has the shits....wbbbbbbbbb x x x x x x x x x x x x x safe geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x x x x x x x x x x x

  • Samantha Newby

    yea its ok wrking there i am not wrking now on maternity leave my baby is due on 13th may how come cath fired u hun xx

  • Shiit Biianca'S Fiit

    iyaaa okii dokii fnks n lolage luv yaz xxx xx x

  • Melissa Edwards

    hey balli!! noticed ur online....u ok?? wat u up 2?? im sooo bored!! hope ur all gravy!! did u go to laurens to help with her baby?? forgot 2 text ya back!! how is lauren n her baby?? lv ya xxxxxxxxxxx