Mr Big 70's Original <mrbiguk>

"From Mr Big to Broken Home and Back 1977 ~ 2007 NEW ALBUM AVAILABLE **NOW**"

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  • NOa Vakaahi Lady Star Light

    hi so happy to finally see this group on bebo,, me n my family love this group so much here's a heart for a such a beautiful page and music,, Noa n fam

  • We Love The 70s

    if anyone loves the 70s this is the group 2 be, come and test ur knoledg on all have a good sing song to the songs pics to c, all live a comment :) we love the 70s:)

  • Mr Big 70's Original

    Thanks for your comment Kev. I wasn't able to respond directly to you for some reason...But you may be interested to know that these albums are currently available. Mr Big and Broken Home albums are available VIA; Includes; Broken Homes ''Broken Home'' Quote: SJPCD 129 Broken Homes ''Life'' Quote: SJPCD 169 Mr Big ''Sepukku'' Quote: SJPCD 074 NEW album released in August 2007 a 2CD Set '' Dicken From Mr Big to Broken Home and Back'' 1977 - 2007 Quote: SJPCD 247 I hope this helps.. Best Wishes.

  • Kev Phillips

    Dickens best album to my mind is the first Broken Home album. Fantastic. Also love the second Mr Big album. When are the 2 first Mr Big Albums gonna get a proper CD release??? Good on ya Dicken. A top bloke!

  • The Lloydster

    Loving The Bebo, im trying to get my m8s to become fans so you can have a wider network of friends! Rock On, 1st Comment!

  • Daryl Hall

    Hi, am just sat here listening to an old mix tape of mine, which has "Romeo" on it. This sounds as great now as it did all those years ago in 1977. Thanks for writing and recording such a classic song. Your music is still impacting 30 odd years later Thanks again Daryl P Hall

  • The Lloydster

    Wow first friend and first comment! is this run by any members of the band?