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"bum off u ass wipe"

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  • Corey Owen


  • Charlyn Rueter

    heyyy whats up Classical Dictionary.?) This is a purely exoteric

  • Wolf

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  • Laura Buist

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) x

  • Piees

    Well Your A Big Penis :D Lmao Ilu. ( L ) xx x

  • Zoe Loves Corey

    Heyy heyy Steeeee =) I heard about you & Sophie, hope you're ok =) I'm here if you need to talk =) Lovee Youu Lots *Hug Buddies* xxxx

  • M'Dear.

    Dude I'm on the phone to you =D whoop whoop whilst i'm typing this you are silent over the phone :) :L i have no idea why but you just are, maybe its because your so in love with P _ _ _ _ _ _ . maybe ;] anyways you ok? comment back smelly :) 'Dirty Burger' xx have my love cause i love you smelly :)

  • Daniellee

    omg omg omg! its been like... a year or sumit !! lmao x im fine tah , how are you ? & hows life round horwhich market ? hehe how are youu ? & double POKE back :D x

  • Piees

    S'up (: Im good thanks just at jess's atm =D You ? xxx xx x

  • Lil Miss Hayley

    are you alright from tonight? did you get twated? and just coz tht happened tonight il giv u sum love w/b mayte x

  • Piees

    I Loved It Too :) Here Have Some Love too (: xxx xx x

  • Piees

    Heyah Babe (: Yeah Im Good Thanks :D How're You ? Love You Too Have Some Love Back =D *MWAH* x x x x x x

  • Zoe Loves Corey

    LoveYouuSteve boy :) xxxx

  • Bethan

    Heya du i nw u wb

  • M'Dear.

    - Heyyah dudeee. thankyouu for signing my white board LOL. proud :D . geez. had a bad day :\ lol hows your day been ? hope oyu is ok and really need to talk to you lolige,, speak to you soon =D xx

  • Staacey.

    the secret that would be that YOUR THE HOST OF THE FUN FUN FUN PARAAADE :o =] finished now =]

  • Daniellee

    STEEEEEEEE :D HYR DOOD! POKE :D lmao; yeaa im good,jst alwais dam busy wit GCSE's nw n harley has started :O not good!! im off dwn st helens at weekend thou; get away...woo! anyway u okay urself &+ wot bwt u wubu2 ? got ewt cool plannd ? wb dood ly DannieFANNIE ..<3 ps i.o.u love; all out todaii x

  • Staacey.

    have some luv GHEY-BOY *POOOOOOKKKKEEE* ps- i know your secret (the fun fun fun parade) :P xx