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  • Blinded In Chains

    shuirikan over guns any day

  • Maxwell Bankotsu

    hmm nt a bad place

  • Right Of Passage

    hey willing to start gimme a job

  • Blinded In Chains

    im a very good killer not to quiet but effective none the less i wanna get sum shuirikan prolly make it easier

  • Frankenstein

    Well why did you bother to comment you must be a 12 yo who is obssesed with DBZ mybey your the one who has no friends. Huh did you ever think of that???

  • Alan

    This is without the gayest group I have ever seen on bebo............ 98% of members 12 year olds obsessed with dragon ball z with no friends? I think so.

  • Swan OMg Its Reece

    well i would be pritty good seeming as im in the army lol im in the raa royal astralian artilary so any one needs back up im hear with my squad

  • Sharingan Uchiha

    i hav a job for anyone who wants it

  • Sharingan Uchiha

    let me kill i love to kill. give me a job so i can kill

  • ºAyame Tanaka

    C'mon guys its my b-day can't i get at least one job? Please?

  • CiarRawr

    im feeling vengeful....anybody need someone killed?? or tortured or punished?? or tricked?? your girl....just name it!!!

  • ºAyame Tanaka

    *walks in* i want a job

  • Cursed Protagonist

    I have a job for someone willing to take it...

  • Anyu Hahenta Henuto

    I'll take on any job. Name it!

  • Resonate


  • .Suicidal.Sugar.

    Anyone want to hire me for any particluar job?

  • Jarred - Godfather Barts

    heres the url for the new one

  • Jarred - Godfather Barts

    ppl i'm recreating this band, i cant see it on any of my band lists for some gay ass reason

  • Jorudenu Kanpuberuru

    i want a mission to and can u make me a moderator