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"Does it feel like you want it???"

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  • The Trade

    pivo pivo in glasgow this sat coming 5 bands all for a fiver canna be bad mon then mtt

  • The Trade

    just a wee reminder the our gig at the reading rooms on wed 15 dec is OVER 14s good chance for all the younger fans to come see us doors 8pm but be early gonna be busy cos we are supporting the excerts and suceperio mtt

  • The Trade

    cheers to abdy who turned up for the bonfire gig at lochee no rain and good times good response we got and do appreciate it cheers mtt

  • The Trade

    hey trade fans we are still using this site as well as other sites we are on facebook and myspace too keep spreading the word new gigs posted on this page too photos from new gigs will be posted soon cheers mtt

  • Owen Martin


  • Donna Ewing

    Guys, came to see you for the first time with Ross P last night, totally rocked!! looking forward to seeing you play again next Friday and spreading the word for the album! Donna

  • Peachy Mc Or Ped

    Just seen the advert on ITV, I will be downloading the album tonight on iTunes. Bobo, need to know when your local so I can come see you guys live. Was on holiday last couple of weeks so missed you!

  • Peachy Mc Or Ped

    Did I just pass the van on the a9 at gleneagles?

  • Lil Miss Ray O Sunshine

    Oi oi MTT... Luvvin The Dealer video, gonna have tae steal it for my profile xx

  • Laura Lil

    Hey kool hope uz r up here agn soon :) woz a gd gig :) x

  • Gemma Watson

    can anyone get into the students union tomorrow night or is it students only? Gems x

  • MissyMe

    Hey Andy, Hope u guys have a good night, but I dont think I am gonna make it. I've got a really sick pony on my hands, she should have recovered by then, but I'm gonna get battered with a £500.00+ vet bill at end of month, its beans on toast for the rest of the month for me I'm afraid, and probably for March to :( I really should give up on horses, get a better hobby like going to see a good band, its less hazerdous :L Sorry, would really have liked to come along, I always try to when u guys have a gig thats big or matters. Next time :D Jo xxxxxxxxx

  • MissyMe

    Hey Andy, Things are good thanks, hope all is well with u guys :D I'll have a natter with Lorraine and get back to u soon x

  • Ricky Dosey


  • Arlene Salvona

    hey guys all the best over the festive period, and all the best in 2010. and tell your manager not to be scared of me, ha ha ha

  • Daddy Maclean

    Have you purchased your Rage Against The Machine download yet? From only 29p on



  • JenniferKidd

    Hey andy. I can't tomorrow:( what other gigs ya got on between now and new year x

  • Gareth Stevens

    fukin brilliant band heard u the other week at ma m8s had ur choons blastin aw week gettin fuked

  • Michael

    What type of bass does Drew have?