MaRtin <martin_012>

"تغيير ارتفاع درجة الماجستير في الملعب الصفعة ماجستير اشتم"

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  • Nicolaa X

    aye, nicolaa wazza warren :)

  • MaRtin

    وأنا واحد فقط

  • Reikoo'

    fuckofff then .

  • Reikoo'

    :L :L well me and jamie call you all the time and you never answerr. though he leftt you a voice mail saying DO YOU WANT A HOTDOOGG :p xxx

  • Sparkey

    why dont u cum mtb is alot better than shitty football

  • Reikoo'

    nooooo not reallyyy had the best day everrrrr cs you werent thereee :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sparkey

    hahah ur comment on my poll the kona bass isnt a dh bike u thick bastard its slopestyle :L any way josh benders is better anyway

  • Reikoo'

    thinks martin; really needs to get out more. Jamie rang you like a million time today, :L

  • Sparkey

    in wot way is footie not a bastardin whimpy sport and u whimped owt coz i say so bitch mtb 4 life

  • Sparkey

    why have u got a theme of yourself

  • Reikoo'

    it says you are a stalker so you must be onee :P i think the guyy loooks a bit creeppy youknow watta mean ?

  • Curt-

    HAHAHA OKya then And Soz Lol I Dont Rilly Come On This I Go On Facebook :P Do You Have Facebook ? Mate

  • EllyBrewiss


  • Little Chambers.

    .. you like new monkey? you absolute puff. areet? (:

  • Hanna

    heyyur u oryt ?? upt much ? xxx

  • Tanya Swordy

    Areeet Smelly Arse :L Camping was Aswumee lol X

  • Mark Handley