John Layfield <I_AM_A_WRESTLING_GOD>


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  • Jonah Sagala

    Ok, obviously, the to below me, hav no life! Shawn is in a tough financial situation, according to the story line, and please if Mr and Mrs layfield would be dumb as u are to name their son Just a Big Loser. If ne thing your a loser, yah moron!

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  • Oryan McLean

    And you are the biggest fake. To think people like you have the audacity to pose as someone famouse. You are such a con-artist....Such a wannabe. John will never dream of creating a social network profile. So SCREW YOU

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  • Nick Holcroft

    LOL! did you see what they wrote about you in their blog? tell me its not true take a look at mybeboblog dot com yurchuk

  • I-Am-The-Highway

    Jbl vs batista for the next pay per view no mercy

  • Josh H

    you are bad

  • Danny Harrington

    What is this a page for spam???? This is a page of a WRESTLING GOD.... and it will be respected!!!! Keri Rockwell... JBL is a happily married man and does not want to "hook Up" Addie Hamilton and Avis Terry and Belinda Lamb... Bebo is working fine ye just don't have the mental capacity to even make toast. Ye most likely had to get somebody else to post those comments for you.... and a free tip. Next time ye people are advertising a scam don't make it so obvious by posting three comments that say the exact same thing... And as for you Magdalena Duncan and Chasity Oliveira... I am sure that JBL'S ring tone is the only one it should be and that is his own theme music... It is the only one worthy of being on his phone... This is not a page for you sad people to advertise things that would not be worthy of even landing into JBL’S garbage… You will respect the page of the WRESTLING GOD....

  • Mac Wezzy

    hey come to my house

  • Keri Rockwell

    haaay my friend was telling me about you, and i wanted to know if you wanna hook up, im on cam now byes :]

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  • FucktheP.S.N.I

    well said lads y dont u join a proper fighting sport like UFC or mma use pussy lickers like brock leisner he had some balls to do proper fighting faggot

  • ConnorDelaosa.

    u r a fukin fake u asshole Its John Bradshaw Layfield Not John CHARLES Layfield Heres the luv.............NOT i dont give it to fakes

  • Whitey

    hey mr jbl good luck at backlash oh w8 never mind its already over and you lost well good luck at judgement day oh w8 no damn thats already been and you lost there to gonna fo for the trifector and lose at one night stand as well? coz that'll look awesome on your resimae oh btw you know how your always saying your a wrestleing god how many times have you held championship gold? cause ah last time i checked people like the rock, the undertaker, triple h, stone cold steve austin, shawn micheals, batista, goldberg, john cena, jerry the king lawler, mick foley none of them ever went around calling them selves wrestling gods heck id say next to them your pretty forgetable cya jlb or is it bjl no no its definetly ljb no no thats it its jbl j- just b- born a l- loser with absolutly no respect ~the ace~

  • The Bfg

    i hope you read this comment you big fat fake first of all you said your called john charles layfield that would then be jcl his real name is john bradshaw layfield so you must be fake i hope you read dis you mudda fucking fake you cannot be jbl