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  • .HollyyBrookee.

    I love your music! I do not no what the world would be like if it was not for christan artists

  • W.W.J.D.

    oh n maybe u guys cud cum hia 4 a tour *hint* *hint*... :) :) :) if we dnt meet hia... we'll ol meet in heaven !!! till then, Ciao!

  • W.W.J.D.

    We LUV ur christian songz hia in FiJi!!! juss keep doin' wot u do & GOD BLESS.... xoxo, Mz Turtelle!! o_O o_O

  • Jamie Maxwell

    Hey i love the cover tune grab bag lolz if u dont know wat that is search cover tune grab bag on youtube!

  • Hobz O

    hey love ur songs soo cool

  • Katelyn

    Everyone needs to pray for MercyMe. If you haven't heard yet, they were in an accident. They, physically are okay. But, there were 3 people in the other car. 2 died and the pregnant lady (whose 18 i think) lost her unborn child. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM!!!!! you can follow them on twitter...just search them. And you can search The MercyMe accident on google. this is crazy. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY!!!!

  • Veggie Tales

    If you like to talk to tomatos, If a squash can make you smile, If you like to waltz with potatos up and down the produce aisle. HAVE WE GOT A SITE FOR YOU!!!

  • Escape-For-My-Sevenfold

    ŷour music inspires me to get saved. i love your music. have a heart

  • Pwincess

    Thanx all the songs the heart of a True Worsipper

  • Bethany

    Hey amazing voices, amazing music! Love ur song I can only imagine it is actually amazingg! Keep up the good work! God Bless

  • Alicia Marie


  • Jacque Brecknell

    You guys are the best and i am 40 years old so that is probably silly coming from me. When my teenage daughter was having a bad time and i thought she would leave God and me i heard this song for the fist time and it gave me strength and reminded me what is instore for all of us. Later i played it during a communion message i was giving at my church and a young man came and asked about the song, i gave him my copy. A year later he gave me a call to say thankyou because it turned him around and he began to make God the priority in his life. He is now waiting to go aboard a medical ship to travel the world and help people in the name of Jesus. So thanks guys we are only two of what i am sure are many. God Bless you all

  • Musicians 4 Christ

    Hi guys, check out this music video i uploaded on youtube, me and my brother were working on it hope you like it! 8)

  • Rose


  • Uniique Dawg

    Love and Glory to our Heavenly Father I Love you Lord Amen to his Mighty Name

  • Collin B

    god bless u

  • Selina

    LOVING THE MUSIC!!!! :) check out this page if you get a chance God Bless

  • Robyn

    Luv this band!! Love.

  • Leah G

    Please join our Group! We'd love to have you :D God Bless

  • Stacey Clark

    hey everyone try this website its a place where we can get 2gether 2 tlk about jesus