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  • Sabrina Waszczuk

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  • Darran

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  • Darran

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  • Nicky Hayler

    fukk u lol iv been excluded till thurs fukk all jst moved out so its all hetic at mo wubu2 ? xxx

  • Jess -Ox.

    cheers for the weekend bone (: wuu2..? wb ly..x.x

  • Josh On Tour K Richards

    yer im good tar m8 u? fuk all just been gettin fucked up lol u wb x

  • Josh On Tour K Richards

    how it going shag? wb

  • Darlean Jones

    My Skin is WAY BETTER than YOURS! Neh neh.

  • Cara'

    iyaa !! sozz neva gave youu your luvv bakk. soo, ave sum love!!:)

  • Cara'

    iyaa:) Yeaa i told youu all thiss on msn. lolol. Yeaa i am out on thaa weekend youu ?? Give youu thaa luvv 2moro, ran out. Wb. xxxx

  • Leanne Claire

    hiya.. umm i talk to you on msn i think.. you alrite anyways?? dwane reid...whys he th wrong person to hav in your top 16?? loveyou

  • Boney

    !!! it is so fukin boring !!!

  • Mosesboy

    oooo boney ooo missed u ldz mate.. cnt wait ta sit by u in class lol.. gunna wind mrs holloway ryt up hhaha.. wb son xx

  • Nicky Hayler

    heya hunni ere is my lurvage wb lurvyhoous loads nicx

  • Sasha-Fae

    wow, long time no talk, how are you? (:

  • Alana

    Yea It was Okayy Like :D lol Wa u bin up 2en ? Wb x Have tha love..x