Alec Dalglish <adalglish>

"st hubbins, the patron saint of quality footwear"

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  • -Little Drummer.

    Well done for last night ! Gig in Oran Mor was awesome. Its always such a buzz! x

  • Sarah Tait

    Hey :) Just wanna congratulate you on Friday's gig at Howden Park Centre. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hey, wanna do a gig together sometime? :D Have love man, you deserve it. Xx

  • Mark Murray


  • Daniel Wood

    i must admit i am not really into the sort of music that you's bring but seeing you's perform really has changed my mind - really good, hope i get to see you's perform again (:

  • X-Nikki.H-X

    heyy, u guys were soo good today at school, u's no how to inspire people...hope to see u's perform again :) xxx

  • Facebook

    your were amazing at our school,use are really inspiring.I really enjoyed your performance.xxxx

  • Cara Gorman

    tell fraser to add me as a friend

  • Cara Gorman

    im one of the people who got your atograth :)

  • Cara Gorman

    heyyy alec you rocked last night

  • Judy Gorman

    haha guess who... lol

  • Judy Gorman

    Heyy Alec you did awesome last night on gigha

  • Kirsty Young

    you will buzz off my bebo skin!! x

  • Debbie C

    hope you all have a good xmas xxxx

  • Andrew Huggan

    Can't believe you guys played in stirling and I couldn't go. My folks throughly enjoyed your set though. Hope you're all doing well

  • Nell

    Hi yeah al is gd with me wat bout u! Hows the band dng x

  • Kaka

    happy birthday :D xx

  • Sylvia O'Neil

    hey wee alec... how you doing. Was up wi Leona chatting to yer mam and dad the night.. finally got the wedding video from them Leo was desperate to see it... We really must catch up wi you soon.. ..

  • Jodie Dolan

    hiya stranger hows you? what you been up to these days, im good just getting fat again lol, at least this time i have an no doubt the next time i see ya will be x-mas time, then i will be a whale lol. hope all is good take care x