Velvet Underpants <velvetunderpants>

"Ya cant beat real music"

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  • Skippaay'

    Hahaa Your Las Comment Wuz 66 Weeks Agoo:O :O :L :L Ereess A Lovee To Keep Yas Goin Haha:L :L :L Well Arent I Jus The Height Of Awesomeness:P x

  • Jim Strong

    That Skin Is Awesome :L :L

  • Vanilla Bear

    This is Adrian your buddy ye totalliy rock cold hard abes waterbord style glisning?? in the sun hahaha!!! love you guys dnt eva stop!!!!!

  • Troy

    the songs are actually pretty good. im shocked! :P

  • Jennie Doolan

    dat song in ur video is savage!!!

  • Sean Greenan

    Dat is de best video ye lot could come up wit? seriosly ha.. wel done shane, ya pressed a button on ur keyboard.. ah seriosly lads ya have the heart ya just cant compete wit MS/SG anythin u can do we can do a hundred times better!!

  • Jenny

    Hey ya may make more music!! MS/SG is catchin up they will soon b better dan ye!!:L :L :L :L xxxx

  • Grace Keena-Grainne Ní Chianaigh

    Hey guys, YE ARE FUCKIN DEADLY!!! I like wat i hear!!!

  • Matthew Spelman

    hey we are pros wev only returned at least we have are own flash box yous only have there

  • Sean Greenan

    oh so your back?? any new songs........ no??? guess wat MS/SG is back and at least we have something to show for it!! to all u velvet underpants fans u wanna see something new on ur favourite band come to MS/SG! check out the flashbox that we didnt take 4m a t.v show!! oh and shane.... Bring it????? WE BROUGHT IT!!!

  • Clarey

    wow, i'm in yer top 16!! =P

  • DArren

    i agree wit evry1 ondis pg yee rock

  • Matthew Spelman

    damn you shane this means war

  • Lisa Murphy


  • Mark Spelman

    I noticed u lads dont hav a record label, Weed b happy to hav u at Speler records.

  • Sean Greenan

    now im a groupie!! u shud check out MS/SG do.. Legends with hits such as brown trousers and 100 superking.. CHECK US OUT!! BECOME GROUPIES.. YE WONT REGRET IT!! TRUST ME..

  • Troy

    oo yer so professional! :L

  • Clarey

    hey i became a groupie. the songs rock