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  • Faddi Tai


  • - Mahalia Stanley

    haaỳ dougy boy seen you on homai te pakipaki u where awesome recorded it on my sky my mum likez it hard haha luv u

  • SkUxx Lower


  • -PhayTal Fayzee-

    for got your heart kuz lol hhaha

  • -PhayTal Fayzee-

    don't no if yo come on here much but yeah im going to leave it anyway lol fuck my cuz i just found out you went on homai te pakipaki and i went on you tube fuck your mean alright my kuz fuck love your voice kuz wata show off hhaha well cuz and sorry bout the late one kuz meanning sorry bout your nan and was good seeing you the time off da kuzins 21st aye it was mean i have missed you heaps man but here in rotorua it good.... hey i have offically givien up weed, and smoking now so now i am smoke free... lol soo yeah how have you been still doing kapa haka cuz me stop doing hakas when i left.. but yeah i still sing though haha lol .. love singing lol but yeah lol xx anyway kuz im ganna love you and leave this meesage love you heaps kuz heres some love hei kona ra?? hmmm

  • Faddi Tai


  • SkUxx Lower


  • J SkuxX

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  • Michelle H


  • SkUxx Lower

    hey u hea sum of mai unlimatd luv

  • Loushis

    Hey dougy u

  • R.I.P Alert

    dougy member me i used to live wit conrad

  • Hemi

    wat up my brotha fuck i wanna come Down to putaruru bout me Dont no how me gonna get Down there

  • Intelliigentlii Blonde

    Been a lnqq tymm yess iyy knww' imm qudd, soryy bwtt thaa lnqq waitt replyy' Styl att kuraa, styl lyvv inn thaa saymm playc! ndd COSE iyy dntt MISS YOU yy wudd iyy lmao' heaas ahh hartt foaa beinn soo anoynn lols* gyvv mee wunn bqkk ayy!

  • Hemi

    hey ma bro how u been wens da next time u gonna be in h town

  • Chrissy

    haaay, im good thankyu new job i work at a childcare center lols, going to jakes party this weekend (: ive been staying with sheena and sam, damm there old lady never stops wishing you were here lols gettin my own place soon hope all goes well yu been partying it up ae hahahaa xx

  • Chrissy

    hi dee, i miss you heaps ): have some love :D

  • Faddi Tai

    Sorie Mr . How Ue Been Boy !

  • D.C

    cuz how hav yahr ben lately! hope all is well!

  • Sista-H U W D

    hae dnt 4gt tah kum 2nyt lol