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"The Man in Keen Mt. says no but the boy in whitewood says "YES""

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  • Lauren

    Im gonna miss the school... Cause I probably wont come again the last 9 years were ok.....

  • Craig D

    Right...:) :) :)

  • Vanessa And Rodney

    Just wanted to let you know that I like the new skin...We all should not worry and just be happy! :)

  • Vanessa And Rodney

    Hey Guys, If you are portraying this page as a Christian Academy page, then I would suggest that you look carefully at what skin you are using because I wouldn't want my Christian Academy to use this type of skin.

  • Just4 Kidz

    Where is the Music at? We would like to hear some Music,I'm sure your good. Feel free to let us know when you get Music put up! Have a great day! Also feel free to add us as a friend.We support Bebo Gospel Bands. Mark Miller:)

  • Ryan And Laken Lambert

    JOHN WHY R U LEAVING OUR BAND IN 07?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????

  • Ryan And Laken Lambert

    COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 im in tah band but what do i do in tha band?????? im confused

  • Mark Miller

    Where is your music? are you all going to upload any soon? Blessings... Mark Miller

  • Dustin O

    hey hey hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!