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  • KY

    I just netted $921 in 5 days in my spare time! I love this site - http://goo.gl/ckiW8 Your going to be so happy!

  • Kirsten

    I racked in $670 in 3 days doing simple things online! All thanks to - http://goo.gl/xaesq friends help friends!

  • Michelle

    Hey hows it going?? I think im blocked on Bebo at work, havent been on in sooooooooooooooo long. That message with that link on it, that was a joke aye?? Coz it wouldnt let me open it & said it was a scam or something. I blimin hope noones been spying on me!!!! How was your xmas?

  • Larissa

    oh tru cool do u wrk fri and say nites? oh really go u lol cant get enuf of skol ae haha!:P ummm hez just gone 3mnths lol :) ummm yup just do xmas with the family!!how bout u?

  • Larissa

    hey!!!:) how r u? im am gr8 thanks yeh my birthday was good :) and now 2day its peters 21st!!:) so pretty awsum few days! Regans good growing up quick!! wat u doin these days?? :)

  • Little Miss Trouble

    ooh hannah last active 4 hrs!!! naughty!! hows the study goin? was gonna txt u to c how things are and let u no the goss :P but realised i dont have ur num on my shit fone lol hope ur all prepared for ur exams!! wen r u kumin back? im sooo never gna b prepared!! theres way too much to learn and not enough time :( uh oh.. i have not been studying as hardout as i should be.. but that is gna change right after this bebo msg haha we won 6th division on our lotto haha!!! 23$ hellll yea!! and budget sent a paknsave voucher -$5 for that gross bread! woohoo and that is basically all the goss i can think of atm. gotta go study and my comps dying happy studying!! cya 1day soon?!!xo

  • Natalie

    Hey!!! Of course you get a mention on my bebo page :D Thanks for the spewing offer lol you should come to my house this weekend its my leaving party lol its going to be wicked, but seriously if youre interested Jarred could pick you up on his way down :) I move home to hawera on the 6th which is soon!!! Hows Palmy??

  • Little Miss Trouble

    yup! but i heart u anyway! i hardly saw u b out though- for all i know u coulda sneaked home... lol

  • Little Miss Trouble

    i heart u!

  • Chrystel Hartwell

    yea defanbly ...give me txt or something next time adn we'll defan8ly try and catch up. yea my weekend was pretty good a ... didnt much that was exciting

  • Chrystel Hartwell

    hey :( .... i wasn't here ... that sux it would have been so good to catch up a. i was busy with dancing and babysitting and stuff. but thats good to hearthat you guys are still going good... yay!!! did you have a good wekend ne way?

  • Chrystel Hartwell

    yea uni's all good down here ... sux that your not here thou !!!! oh yea i take that going home bit that your still with you bf??? hope things are good there. havent been up to much a just the same as you really oh yea and being really cold :(

  • Chrystel Hartwell

    hye hunny hows your year going?? i havent talked to you in ages!!! wat ya been up to ? xoxoxo