Daithí B <_____BigBenn_____>

"im a small angery person n a big persons body!!!"

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  • Clarisse Robin


  • Julene Berroa


  • Lahoma Spooner

    heyyy whats up cycles. It shows that the Brahmins and Tanaim . .

  • Milky

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  • T-Mo Cruz

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  • Lauren R


  • Lauren R

    How are ya daithi?? Missing me yet?:P Xx

  • Lauren R

    Im after arriving der now...hey you im a good one ya shithead..:L x

  • Conor Brady

    Not for very long I don't think

  • Conor Brady

    how is your house looking????

  • Lauren R

    :D Just droppin by t give you a schmile...:D X

  • Niamh Ní Riain

    haha, yes thats true, a beast i am:L yes you are the irish version indeed. you on facebook yet? i cant remember if i gave you luv or not so there you go:L was out last night onour mystery tour went to waterford city, got to sleep at 5, and had to get up at half 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im exhausted:L :L :P :O :( :) ;) dont know which smiley i am. hahaha

  • Rory Whyte

    i actually did go, just for an hour thou

  • Niamh Ní Riain

    what do you mean youd have no doubt id get on the mens team?! im offended now......no wait......is that a compliment?! i cant tell anymore wit ya:L :P ya you are the next einstein alright, you even look like him!:P XxX

  • Lauren R

    Heya, Eh 4 ppl went last week nd i was one so Im headin to Australia on the 27th of this month.. 3weeks away.. Shockin!! I'll be norganising a night out in the next 3 weeks or so, will text you bout it!! Xx

  • Rob Mc

    ha ya ur grand... if it wasanyone else id hav been mad!

  • De Best Poker Player

    yea i hav to try and get off work now