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  • Andy Barnes

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  • Jack Stuckey And Stuart Wanstall

    hey murph i b gd u x

  • jo Brunger

    elo my lov hows u deary?? gt much pland dis weeknd??xxxx

  • Alex Burrell

    hey! i'm good thankyou and urself? not really been very busy + had no money! get paid friday tho so i will be out in ashford friday nite i fink! u gona be out? will c u hopefully n catch up!! xxx

  • Aaron

    yyh im gd fnx you. gdgd well nxt time i buy sumink il ask 4 discount lol! hw lng u bin wrkin there 4? wb x x

  • Aaron

    elo aints spoken for ages? how u bin? still wrkin in topshop? fink u shud gt me sum discount in topman lol wb x x x x

  • Jack Gough


  • Stephanie

    Heya lovey ... comin out this friday yeah :D xxx