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  • Sim Milton

    Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm HOG ROAST lol yummy.... cant wait to see you later baby.. love you xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Xx Lauren.Xx

    hey u ok sweetie... what you been up to lately? did charlie give you your invite.. hope you can make it would be good to have a good catch up with you all... hope you and sam are ok babe loves ya xxx

  • Tobes

    Ha that comment was funny, anyway hope u enjoyed last night, was good everyone came to support... hows sams leg? xxx

  • X-Sammy-X

    heya miss brewer!! :) havent seen u in ages, even tho we live in the same village lol, so i thought id leave a comment. howz huish goin? did u av a good 18th? wb xxxxxxx

  • Kiirsty-Ann X


  • Annitha

    BIRTHDAY GIRLYY!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! 18!!!! wooopp wooooooopp!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D It hasn't changed on your bebo thing!:O Did you get your own birthday wrong?!:L Vikkkkiiii!! We'l hit the town sooon!:D (sorry i can't come on saturday.) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kiirsty-Ann X

    Whos 18 on friday!!! WHOOP WHOOP Love ya xxxx

  • Tobes

    AHHHH well guess what, i have a large lump of that there cheese now so there... and i have ragu mwhahah! xxxxx

  • Emma

    Haha bless. Sure ur cool! hehehe Nah I dont have exams on my course,and Ive got all my assignments finished for semester 1, so willbe starting my new ones in a couple of weeks. fun fun fun Hope ur exams go well next week! Ive got no lectures next week =) My "inter-semester break" hehe Aww a third sister, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside! lol ooo gap year sounds fun! If ur guna go to New York then go during christmas, one of my mates lives near New York and he was showing us all these pics of their shop displays.. they are amazing!!! Next week Im guna look for chars presents, think Ive decided on an idea. haha xxxx

  • Sim Milton

    just keep swimmin just keep swimmin just keep swimmin swimmin what do we do we swim swim swim!!!!!!!!!! hahahah we love to swim WHEN you swim you want to...................... Love you doory........ lol xxxxxxxXXxxxxXXxxXXxxX

  • Emma

    Hello, you and charlie are really the only people I talk to on here. Everyone else is totally cooler and has myspace or facebook.... you guys are a little chavvy by sticking to bebo! tut tut So how r ur exams going? Birthday soon ay!! Im struggling to find char something for her bday.... I dont knw where many good shops are in Newcastle lol. You planning on going to uni in September? Well I think that will be enough for now. You had better comment me back soon else I will think u hate me! lol xxxx

  • Sim Milton

    gay you can have my love again....... ohhhhhh big deal finishing at 11.45 i finished at like half 12 last nite.... or was it half 11 meh lol yer what is that film...... hehe nah was ok but i was way to tired to even watch it sooo xXXXxxxXXxXXxxx

  • Charlie

    BAbers...i dont have ne love..ill always love u..uuve been in my life to long and always claw ur way bk in JOKIES...ive taken friday nite off 4 ur bday id like to go out wit u as i am ur long standing mate..but if ur guna go twn no worries i can work! :( but i reckons we shud all save up get taxis home and get munched in twn the week after! well i love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • -K-

    TITCH! just seen u but thought id comment u, was nice to see u and have a good catch up even though i hadnt seen u for only like a week but stil lots had happened so we need our daily catch up sessions AKA health and fucking waste of my time social care! lols (hate lols!) hope u have fun at workey poos! and in street tomorrow spending lotsa money! laters lover xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sim Milton

    i am now offically a loyal..... oh sorry was just reading thro your details....... yer dw bout the love..... yep got the calender up but aint used it yet... just like looking at the pictures lol any way have fun at work see ya later... xXxxxXxXxxX

  • Sim Milton

    hey baby...... im all home and seen you already so your nice and happy hehehe im so tired now..... and your working so thats gay lol finding nemo.... better be good... youve got my hopes up now hehe oh i hope you enjoyed your prezzie..... i quite like it..!!!! im just watching the ledgendary top gear....... i love it...... and seems im on the front off my new calender i love it even more.. haha hmmm this is quite a massive comment im quite proud seems im massively tired..... right new years?????????????? whats the plan stan???? you can have my love as always... loveage xxxxxxXXxxXxxxXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXxxxxXXXX