Cody B <_OCDRuM_>

"!Viva La Gloria!"

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  • Jace

    brotha balls

  • Ben Bucklin

    I netted in $614 in three days doing stuff on the computer! It's all because of - You will love me for this!

  • Colter

    Yep, bebos still gay

  • -LEbabey.

    Yo:) its7015160099

  • Colter

    Havnt been on here for a week or 2 so dicided to check it.... Yep, still dead...

  • Alicia Amos

    lol thanks! & im obviously never on bebo either haha never saw that comment til just now :L heres the love :D

  • Colter

    Had to come on bebo bc I forgot about it forever entell you were saying how dead it was on here and your right

  • Kacie Lawrence

    You are soooo welcome! hehe and thank you i am happy that i am invited to your wedding :)

  • Aubrey Carlson

    whatever! lol

  • -HottMess

    that sounds like funn! (: ha my number's 550 1099, i'll be expecting a txt! Lol

  • -HottMess

    Shitt, i'd say!! Nothin much jis been staying out of trouble and chillin like a villan. Wbu?

  • Colter

    ya but remember the good ol days where just out of randomness we go off in the car and fuck shit up :D

  • Colter

    who the fluff am i going to f*** shit up with now that your going to be gone?

  • .Jordyn.

    CODY B!! :D heyyyy

  • Biitch I Aiint Friiendly


  • -LEbabey.

    Yea I kno right it sounds fun after a few years tho or a year idk yet?* but what you going for?

  • -LEbabey.

    You too haha.. That's good I'm pumped too! I'm going to UTTC!:D so jealous to get to go to UND!

  • -LEbabey.

    whats up Coday hows it goin? swell seems to be:D

  • Kel.See

    glad u and ricki had a GREAT time....ttyl

  • Kel.See

    Have Fun Cody B!!!!