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  • Natalie Wall

    james ya spoofer :L L.

  • Natalie Wall

    JAY yur nt even frm darndale ya sap :L :L ...

  • Craig Connell Dixon

    Darndale for ever

  • ºrachel.

    Townies are the :L :L

  • Jay

    darndale till i fukin die

  • Gavinloveschantel

    townies just the best:L

  • Dylan RYan Kiid

    fuck ye ur geti Shot im from Limerick scumbags til we die bang bang

  • Lauryn P


  • Cathal.Fagan

    whoever made this is fuckin gas hahaha

  • Darren.

    shure up u under me ya posh head state yas yup yup run a muck town doesnt give a fuk call uz scum bags call uz sluts if u aint frm town yuz a muppets wee can be tall we can be small if yuu dnt like uzz fuk u all blanch state yas nd use ar all slappers nd wankers yas ar selfs yup yup town till i die livin here 15 years nd still will be gerrup ous of dat town all te way emmm to maddddd

  • Im A Niger Luver Ha

    Blanch Head Theree De Best Fck Thee Towniess De Place A Kip An De Flates Has Load Of Rats :L Yup Yup Run A Muck Blanch Dosent Give A Fck Call Uz Scum Bags Call Uz Sluts If Yu Aint Frm Blanch Yuz A Mutss Wee Can Be Tall We Can Be Small If Yuu Dnt Likee Uz Fck Yuu All :L Townis Full Of Scum Bags An Wankers An Slappers :L

  • Be Strong

    blanch heads are fools townie for life up the flats fuck the rats :L

  • Reece

    add me--------------

  • Jay Farrelly

    up da blanch best place ta be!!!!

  • Kyle

    pj u stupid fuck u dont even have a bentley u QUEER DOPE ur not even from D4 u live on d northside u dope

  • Jono'O'Connor.

    scum bags

  • Jono'O'Connor.

    darndale till i fucking die

  • Spucky

    townie power and if u dont like it den u can get out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!