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Derek Zoolander

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  • Braeburn.
    Braeburn. said:

    you give me inspiration! you really do..you cheer me up when i am feeling down! you are just truly amazing!.....your hilariously funny,talented && you really are "really really really ridiculouslyy good looking!"
    i love you soo much

    hopefully the next zoolander
    but obviously not exactly like him cause no one can ever do that
    love you zoolander

  • Grace.
    Grace. said:

    Oh My Gosh. He Is, 'Really, Really, Ridiculously Goodlooking' Derek Zoolander. You Are The Best. I Love Your Magnum Look. Thankyou So Much For Influencing My Life.


  • ♥~.:.:TJ Makes My World Worthwhile.:.:.~♥
    ♥~.:.:TJ Makes My World Worthwhile.:.:.~♥ said:

    Thats Ben Stiller u asswipe.