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  • Dionne
    Dionne said:

    quite a few memorys therrre :D
    x x x x x x

  • Laury-Anne.
    Laury-Anne. said:

    holiday 08 :D :D
    had the most amazing time
    lol :D
    so have to meet up again :D :D

    missing you

  • Mr Brightside
    Mr Brightside said:

    In Ur Garden :L :L And We Camped At Yuurs 4 Lyk A Few Days !! And At the Southgate Presentation You Got Wid Kayleigh !! :D :D :D You Got A Bird Now Tho :D :D :D And At Southgate Party When Ur Mum Thought That Josie Was Ur Bird:L All The Arguements We Had Wid The Tavi Lot !! :L And The Calli Lot !! :L When We Came Bk To Mine At Halloween And We re Jsut Fuckin Around Up Bustop With A Can Of Fosters On Top Of Ur Head!!:L :L Lmao !!At Mine Campin Party In Sammi's Field Just Sittin By The Fire All Mornin !!At Beths House!!:P And At Bekkas" Im Mentally Prepared For This" !!!:L :L And us Gettin Naked:L
    Soo Many More To Come For Our Last Two Years!! Hope Their The Best!!
    Maxi-d The Mother Fuckin D... xxx

  • Mr Brightside
    Mr Brightside said:

    well.... When We Used To Go Into Town Lyk EVERY Day in The Summers Holidays..... We'd Be Lyk Fuckin This Is Soo Borin... Wanna Go Tomoz ? Yh Y Not :L And The Time We Went Plymouth Just The Two Of Us And got Our Pictures In The Lil PhotoBooth.... Also When Eva We Went Plymouth We Would Go Into WoolWorths And Buy A Pick And Mix For The Bus Journey Home :L On Almehts Birthday When You Go To Them Little Kids ALrite Son And They Started On Us !! Wotta Ledge!!! And Your Birthday When U Had It Up Leisure Center !! :D :D :D :D :D :P That Was Quality !!... At The Beach When Dan Slapped You Soo Hard In The Bk And When Me And Nath Watched You And Dan Run Into The Sea When It Was Fuckin Freezin!!:L :L Lmao!!
    And At Almehts Grandads Us 3 Got Pissed And You Had A shit In The Bush :L soz HAd To Bring that up !! :L At My Campin Party When We Were Playing Hide And Seek In The Dark !! And We Got Ma Sister To Get Us All Them Acholpops!:L Bk In The Day ! And Haha When We Stayed Urs And Had A Boxing Fight

  • Glenn
    Glenn said:

    Well To Start Dis Story Off..!!
    Well We Met In The Gd Old Dais Of when I Played For Southgate*:( *God Werent They The Gd dais..!!*:D *
    Then We Moved Into College..!!Wow Then Didnt We Get Closer..!!
    Pretty Much Best Mates From There On In My Eyes..!!*:D *

    Anywayz Onto The Memories Point..!!*:D *
    "The Lightin Of The Beacon..!!" Gd Old Bean..!!*:L *
    Well Theres The Baby Lotion In My Bedroom..!! That Seemed To Make U Nd Nathan Chuckle..!!*:( *Lol
    All Those Maths Lesson's Wid Dat Bitch Mrs Walters..!!*>:( * God Those Evil Lessons*:L *
    Then Kanbby Bulling The Crazy Bulgarian..!!*:L * Haha
    Then The Lastest Of Them All...The One And Only..!! "!!!!!!!!!EXTREME SPOT!!!!!!!"*:L **:L **:L **:L **:L **:L **:L *

    Lv Ya Mate..!!
    Loads More 2 Come Mate..!!

  • Sophie
    Sophie said:

    More Memories 2 Come Im Sure:)
    Mr Gorgeous..:D Hehe And Romeo;) Lol.
    Town.. Midge, Thats Alex's Uncle :O
    Beths Party:D Whoooop So Fun:D
    English Omydays. No You Cant Those Nemore.. Eliot<--:L
    Be Happy Eliot:D

    Love You

  • MrCoxaayy
    MrCoxaayy said:

    how times change lyk! then year 8 and we dikd tha midle league,..best footie match wiv u wen we was 2 all wiv beacon n liam netted that quality left foota put us in tha final!! wata year mate then finishd it wen we had fuk load of snow! tha year we also pisd all ova tha school cup wen smit was ere wiv jambon ! "lil cheeefff :L " aww sammi mate :L then year 9 tha frendship got tyta goin out mor..lyk that tym up trethorne wiv all tha bois :L goh we were cool :L nd that southgate parti had to be dun dinit.. nd me n u getin tha awards for southgate..me n u lyk usual :D then ere we are now.. maths wiv knabby :L extreme spot :L top of top 16 :P best mates now :P goin out evry weekend odd piss up n fuk me tha funiest tyms togetgha eva ryt noww mate!!
    il add to this coz sure ther wil b mor!
    lurve you mehtttt

  • MrCoxaayy
    MrCoxaayy said:

    Mate/Bestmate/life long buddi/southgate imigo/whateva u wana call it ive add sum priti mint memories wit u! day 1>> born 3 days apart and known u sinc ma 1st breath sums it up ow gooda mates we r!
    Nativity play :L :L aww mayt! evry singl birthday parti! from 1 ryt up to now!! and tha pictures of me n u when we were both lyk 2 :L those were the days bud! for sum reason i memba goin round ur house loads n playin wiv that slinky fing down your stairs :L :L love it :L :L hitin 6 years old n jogin on down ta southgate trainin me u liam tom and sam rockey :L :L stil goin strong into top league :D chapas bday out trethorne givin im a fiver and then u no what apend :L n ever since we think hes gay :L :L dun primary school and stil tyt as fuk then hit colege n tha memories ther togeva bin quality!! :L startd out norm then stayin out by front of school wiv lyk evryone n its wierd but we all stil mates now :D and if i memba corectly that was tha shit year for football! lifton were beta that us :L

  • Chloe
    Chloe said:

    GBF:) :)
    x x x


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