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  • Rudebwoi
    Rudebwoi said:

    And ya calling me a freak ha thats y i pul bare birds haha dnt try n threaten me saying ul get crew to bang me owt koz i knw harder peepz, diz al started ova reece and hes guna be 1 getting hurt nt jason

  • Rudebwoi
    Rudebwoi said:

    And if reece thinkz am nt ard ask any1 who knws me then, hes the pussyhole ha

  • Rudebwoi
    Rudebwoi said:

    Ayup i kant komment itz blocked me, reece iz soft lmao, if he goes near jason il proppa bang him swear down il kum to his end n bng him, jason ant dne owt

  • James C
    James C said:

    u 2 r fit as fuck xx

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl said:

    un luk proper different wid ur hair lyk tht love...x

  • Crazii Ed
    Crazii Ed said:

    Yhoo Look Well Nice Wi Yah Hair Darn Hun .. x x


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