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Uncharted vs. Uncharted 2 visual comparison

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  • Lt. Col Mike Tanner
    Lt. Col Mike Tanner said:

    preaching to the choir, jay. preaching to the choir

  • Paddy
    Paddy said:

    The second one is supposed to be better!

  • Jay Brennan
    Jay Brennan said:

    i think second one looks more realistic in these comparisons like look at this pic in uncharted hes jus hanging there not a bother in 2 hes looking were to put his foot and he looks more life like dont get me wrong i loved uncharted was a briliant game but this just makes us want 2 all the more

  • ScottyCarter
    ScottyCarter said:

    exept for the colour schemes there isnt really much change, but they were good in the 1st game so i guess i will be ok :P