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Aoibhinn Ní Shuilleabhain

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  • MRringer
    MRringer said:

    wat a name:L

  • Stephen Mitchell
    Stephen Mitchell said:

    she made me tea one morning when i was very hungover.... BOOYA! :D

  • Blathnaid
    Blathnaid said:

    i met her at the young scientist.... shes soooooo nice and she said sed tell andrew i love him :L :L :L go he panel wohooooo

  • Chris Finucane
    Chris Finucane said:

    i met her in croke park :P
    greatest day of my life.
    i got to hug her and take a photo with her :L :L

  • Tadhg Og
    Tadhg Og said:

    hu cares if shes funny as long as shes shaggable

  • Snow Ball
    Snow Ball said:

    Hear this one and all she was in my brothers class in ucd i went to her graduation and shook hands with her. she i s the best and the funniest. Robbyynn who the hell would say that u sud be slapped for insulting my friend. if i ver met u i would litterally slap u. i would rather call u a spa. if u watch the panel and call the particants spa then your a loser

  • Robyn.
    Robyn. said:

    Why Is She Even On The Panel ..??

    Shes NOT FUNNY ..!!

    For Gods Sake I Thought Its Supposed To Be A Comedy Show Lyk ..

    I Love The Rest Of Them Tho ..

    Just Not Her ..Shes A Spa ..

  • Brophy Jr
    Brophy Jr said:

    unfunny as hell

  • Conor Conneally
    Conor Conneally said:

    i would

  • Leanne
    Leanne said:

    she has alot of relations den?? :L

  • Richie Cranley
    Richie Cranley said:

    My maths teacher :)

  • Tomas Harrington
    Tomas Harrington said:

    shes stunning!!

  • Joe Coulson
    Joe Coulson said:

    She is a ride and a half.!! She myt not be funny but i still dont mind lookin at her doin notin.!:L :L

  • Naoise Waldron
    Naoise Waldron said:

    Who tunes in to hear her?? We just wanna look, I wish I was in her school... Huh huh alllllriiight :L :L

  • Éilis.
    Éilis. said:

    shes not funni at all

  • Cillian Fucking-Lemming
    Cillian Fucking-Lemming said:

    A looker but not at all funny.

  •  Z
    Z said:

    :L she teaches physics in my school now

  • Mark Hoey
    Mark Hoey said:

    wat a ride

  • Laura Fallon.
    Laura Fallon. said:

    shes not funny

  • Cool Hand Luke
    Cool Hand Luke said:

    ha shes me physics teacher

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