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Chris Purce

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  • - Kirsten -
    - Kirsten - said:

    ehh r u slabberin rachel?!?! :P

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M said:

    lmao i just realised thats kirsten at the back beside sarah! :L

  • Hutchy
    Hutchy said:

    haha :L :L

  • Sarah A
    Sarah A said:

    omg y do ppl have this on their bebo!! ahh lol dont recognise myself! lol :L

  • James Tait
    James Tait said:

    oo i c u sarah! :L :L check out rebecca down the front as well! havin u 2 around is what turned purce gay!

  • Miss Sarah Kirk
    Miss Sarah Kirk said:

    Im gonna be sick....
    This is the ugliest photo ever!
    Took me a while to spot me but look at the state of my hair! lmao
    How cool we were...

  • Stephen Stringer
    Stephen Stringer said:

    pruce look at u u big ladies man lamo!!

  • Michael Bole
    Michael Bole said:

    lmao chris the pimp in the middle :L

  • Chris Poots
    Chris Poots said:

    lmao! Is that our p7 class? Hahaha. I agree with lauren, u really do need to stop puttin up these pics, but they're hilarious, apart from the fact I luk like a beached whale. :)

  • Michelle Armitage
    Michelle Armitage said:

    Awwww.... da days of primary school ! In ur glory surrounded by a bunch of girls I c :P !

  • Lauren
    Lauren said:

    wud u stop with this constant putin fotos up of da days i lyk 2 cal "ugly days"!!lol

  • Catherine Greenwood
    Catherine Greenwood said:

    that is very very scary! i remember doing those calendar things!
    ...not good :D


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