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Caolan McG

Loch An Iuir '10 is gonna be prime :D

6/3/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 491
  • from Mullaghbawn
  • I am Single
  • Member since: June 2006
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About Me

Drink carefully...Dont spill any ;)
Me, Myself, and I
☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
 │▒│ /▒/ --------
 │▒│/▒/ ---------
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐ --
 │▒│▒|▒│▒│ --
┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ --
 └┐▒▒▒▒┌┘ ---
  \_____/ ----------

☆    ▦


This is grade A pure colombian cocaine ladies and gentlemen......disco shit

and if my day keeps goin this way i just might... break your fuckin face tonight

“Blood is just red sweat.”

so try me
The Other Half Of Me
Rian OLuaois

Rian OLuaois

carlsberg dont do boys... but lewis does ;)

Showtek, Angerfist, Dj Zany, Donkey Rollers, Terror Corps, Alpha Twins, Lady Dana, Hixxy, Doogle, Rich Durand, Dave Darrel, Freefall, Deadmau5, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Mason, Dirty Disco Youth, Dave Pearce, Marco V, Tomcraft, Art Of Trance, Miles, Ariel, Ian Van Dahl, Paul Van Dyk, Cosmic Gate, Marcel Woods, Kontakt, Armin Van Burren, Storm, Zombie Nation, Simon Cunt, Paul Oakenfold, Billy Bunter, DJ Tiesto, dave mccullan, dj mango, dj N'eric, dj style, darren styles, klubheads, dj alligator, praga khan, 2.22-3.33, cascada, gigi d'agistino, dougal & gammer, SY, Unknown, dj shog, slipmatt, Billy (daniel) bunter, fredde le grand, nevster remixed, mark mccabe, mauro picotto, re-con, neo cortex, 3 drives on a turntable, william orbit, dj boom boom, all da wigan peir dj's, hardcore heaven dj's, Tizer, Public Domain, Dj Quiksilver, Gammer, Flip & Fill, Tomcraft, PPK, Starsplash, Qlimax Djs, LAdy DAna, Tocadisco, Hixxy, Mason, Looney Tunez, Technoboy, Junior, First Switch, Dj Illusion, Dj Gizmo, Deepack, DHT, Dj Luna, Dj P
Our greatest glory is not in never falling,
but in rising again every time we fall
armagh gaelic and hurlin teams, celts....
Craobh rua an st colmans hurlin..... shit... but fit
UFC..... u fucking cunt.... o_O
Scared Of
hurling closing down, dance music coming to an end, every female in th world becoming a manifestation of eogan quigg and increacing alcohol prices..... nd fukin swine flu.... lyk what th fuk?!?!?!
Happiest When
The music is so loud i cant hear, the lights are so bright that i cant see, the bass is so deep that i cant move, the musics so good i dont want to leave....

neils house is my house :D
add me on msn if ya wnt c.mcguinness@hotmail.co.uk
th Baish

Lorcan - just get out....
Lewis - if carlsberg did spas....... fukin eejit :D
Magee - how does he pull women lyk? :L
Gough - Big lanky bag of sex
Neil Smyth?
Gets his own box cause hes such a wee bitch :D
known this fein for like 300 years?
we ride 2gether... we die 2gether... gay boys 4 life! [moon]

huge erection??? no its.... the pattern on the pleats;)

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  • wat culchies luv

    62 thing culchies love

    1 A nice bit of ham.
    2 Buttered biscuits.
    3 Diggin Houles.
    4 Saying its too cold to snow
    5 Pretending to know about The Ra.
    6 Tayto Cheese & Onion
    7 Pretending they're in The Ra.
    8 A stretch in the evenings
    9 Lucozade
    10 Accordians
    11 Pretending to like Holy Week.
    12 A dinner dance
    13 Gettin clattered in muck.
    14 Shania Twain.
    15 Hefers
    16 Spittin in their hands before doing anything manual
    17 Steel toe caps
    18 A big bowl of carrots & parsnips.
    19 Eating sangwiches out of the boot of a car at GAA
    20 Saying someones 'Opened a Book' on something.
    21 The smell of fresh dung.
    22 Slice-Your-Own Loaf.
    23 Work Clothes
    24 A bottle of mineral.
    25 Fightin'.
    26 Puttin on a ganzee to stop them from bein foundered
    27 'The' Hurling/Fitball.
    28 Being overweight.
    29 Wimen wha resemble Hefers.
    30 Saying "Aaah" after taking their first sup of tae.
    31 Drink driving.
    32 Red diesel
    33 The Fear of Change.
    34 A nice bit of Barnbrac
    35 Lying.
    36 Building walls.
    37 Being starved with the cold rather than with a lack of food
    38 Pretending to like mass
    39 Talking about shite like Flax and the Corncrake.
    40 A good blackthorn walkin stick.
    41 Shouting 'Yeeeeeoooo' when something good happens.
    42 Mohammed Ali.
    43 Machinery.
    44 Strange uppy-downy walks.
    45 A good f**kin read of Irelands Own.
    46 Gelling their 1cm fringe tight to their forehead.
    47 Scandal, as long as its about other people.
    48 Turf, because Sentirl heatin's for wimen.
    49 Soda farls
    50 Sponge 'n Custirt
    51 Newmerica', and anything to do with it.
    52 Givin the dog the wildest baytins.
    53 Givin the wife the wildest baytins.
    54 The Ra.
    55 Winning a leg of lamb in a raffle.
    56 Wrecking the house whilst steaming.
    57 Club Orange
    58 rubbing their hands together before tucking into their dinner
    59 The Foot & Mouth.
    60 Aetin' a big feed of spuds.
    61 TK Red Lemonade
    62 Good Short hair for boys and nice long hair for the wimen(it confuses them otherwise)

    3 Comments 371 weeks

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  • Ciara McKeownn
    Ciara McKeownn

    random add.. thought you were fit ;)

  • Ciara McKeownn
    luv Ciara McKeownn

    thought i'd share the luv :/

  • Deirbhile Murphy
    Deirbhile Murphy

    OMG... this girl is naked on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on SantaElletsonoaynv@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Deirbhile Murphy
    Deirbhile Murphy

    I just scored $708 in four days doing simple things online! All thanks to - http://bit.ly/ajfzDB trust me, you will be happy

  • Laura Gorman.
    luv Laura Gorman.

    lauraaaa09@hotmail.com boomm :L

  • luv Dean Luvs Claire

    Wel fein how r ya now??? Wdc?

    6/20/10 via Mobile
  • Laura Gorman.
    Laura Gorman.

    just thought id giv you a wee add(a) added ya there now :) awh studyin, good boy like;o :L wel gud luck in it :)) nb tty then

  • Laura Gorman.
    Laura Gorman.

    you wher with danielle and lauren ?:L msn:)

  • Jordy Beagg 6/6/10
  • 'JanetLavelle

    Your acctually on this :L

  • 'JanetLavelle

    Im here :/

  • -Seánnine

    Cheers for the add dude :DD was meant to get adding you, but never got round to it :P lol

  • luv Watters.

    mountain ghost sheep

  • 'JanetLavelle
    luv 'JanetLavelle

    Caolan ? i think i ........ HATE you :DD

  • 'JanetLavelle
    luv 'JanetLavelle

    Don't you know it purple :/

  • 'JanetLavelle
    luv 'JanetLavelle

    E059 We all know hu you wana feak neway ;o

  • 'JanetLavelle
    luv 'JanetLavelle

    Wil you shift me ? ;)

  • 'JanetLavelle
    luv 'JanetLavelle

    No just you and Tony dummie yah ;) that's alryt, sure i told yah id be happy anyway :P Well ill tell yah wat, ill give you a wee ring and wee can see what th craic is ok ;) i dont i sound like myself :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Deaad? Dont speak about her like that ;)

  • 'JanetLavelle
    luv 'JanetLavelle

    E11A Remind ya of anyone ?

  • 'JanetLavelle
    luv 'JanetLavelle

    ;o im too nice :P Its you & Tony ;) :L Dont even know me wee brothers name now Caolan ? ;) E328 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Yeah was listenin to her ther in th garden :L