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Mix of Real Music

Listen their good I promise http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Memb...

12/5/09 | me too! | Reply

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11 luv

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  • Group created: September 2009
  • www.bebo.com/MixOfRealMusic
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Gothic.Industrial.Punk.Classi  c
Me, Myself, and I

This group is for Gothic, Industrial Metal. Classicaland Punk music. Please enjoy this site and also please do not disrespect people for their musical style. Any bands you want us to put up on this page just ask and we'll have a look and put them up. Do not ask to be a moderator, I will ask you depending on your activeness in the group and how you treat other members. I hope you like this page. Goodbye :)

M-F-T-D :)


Pheno Barbie Doll

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  • Music


    Okay so if you want any songs or artist's up just give me the list on this. Also say if you would like a comment or message saying there is a song on the video box that you should listen to. :)

    M-F-T-D :)

    0 Comments 199 weeks

  • Clarifying Band Genre


    Most of the bands on this page do lean toward different genres rather than sticking to one specific genre. I placed bands in what I think is the main genre. If you want to correct me do so on this. Goodbye.

    M-F-T-D :)

    0 Comments 200 weeks

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  • Best Video Of All Time

    1. Duality - SlipKnot
    2. Tears Don't Fall - Bullet For My Valentine
    3. Sonne - Rammstein
    4. Her Ghost In The Fog - Cradle Of Filth
    5. Other - Please State Name Of Song & Band (also if you like post URLs)


  • Best Screamer Ever

    1. Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon)
    2. Matt Tuck (Bullet For My Valentine)
    3. Robb Flynn (Machine Head)
    4. Phil Anselmo (Pantera & Down)
    5. Other (state name and band)

    1 Comment

  • Best Singer Ever

    1. Gerard Way (MCR)
    2. Freddie Mercury (Queen)
    3. James Hetfield (Metallica)
    4. Siouxsie Sioux (Siouxsie Sioux & The Banshees)
    5. Other (state name and band)


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  • Suggestions Blog (Box :P)

    Hannah.Sillyworld by Hannah.Sillywo­rld
    this is for YOU the members to help us lowly mods strike a balance with which bands/genres/pics & vids you'd like on this page. remember music is art so appreciate the ones you like and respect the tastes of others if you don't :)

    there will be a monthly poll for:
    Best genre
    Best Band
    Best Video

    && as a special edition there will be a special photo section for those lucky fans who've got up close and sweaty with their favourite bands or at gigs and there will be a poll to see who'll get to be that months album cover for the Live! section.

    happy forumming

    && Keep Listening 8)
    0 Replies 194 weeks
  • Favorite Band or artist?

    Murder-For-The-Dolls by Murder-For-The­-Dolls
    What is your Favorite Band or artist in the whole world? What type of music are they? Favorite album by the band? Favorite Song? Favorite member? Favorite era?
    5 Replies 200 weeks

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Romanticide - Juliet's Lullaby (music video)

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  • Sarina Asley 8/26/10
  • BeBeautiful

    Hey =) Join Us! We are one of the fastest growing beauty groups on bebo!!! What we are looking for are girls and guys who are beautiful without having to wear alot of make up! When we have more members there will be plenty of games and competitions! Have you got what it takes to be our display picture for the week? x

  • luv Hannah.Sillyworld

    Happy New Year To Everyone Here... Bit late I know but oh well...

  • luv Hannah.Sillyworld

    NEW POLLS PEOPLE!!! :DD Merry Christmas To All Viewers Of This Page! :))

  • Romanticide

    Yeah no problems! lol Thank you Mike

  • Romanticide

    Hey we're a small group starting to record and gig more. Just wondering if you'd post a link to us ^_^ Cheers from Romanticide - Mike

  • C R Smit
    luv C R Smit

    ty much luv 4 adding Christian rock as a genre

  • luv Hannah.Sillyworld

    edited names on photo album for those in Skillet :)

  • ÅshÿDeleteing

    Okies! Kool! :DD Xo

  • C R Smit
    C R Smit

    onhe dich is a song by rammstine, the phrase onhe dich means without you. btw SKILLET RAWK

  • ÅshÿDeleteing

    Hey! Hmmmm you have Evanescence? Skillet? H.I.M? :DD Xo

    11/3/09 via Mobile
  • luv ÅshÿDeleteing

    Heyy there thanks for the add! :)) This group seems really Kool! It's about fuckin' time someone gets a good sorta' music group up! :DD Xo

  • C R Smit
    C R Smit

    and apparently rammstein like the name btw without who though? ps could u add skillet plz?

  • luv Hannah.Sillyworld

    Music is music regardless. i steps (big pop band in 90s for those not in the know) sad fact of life. there will always be music whether you like it or not. music isn't about being the best its about giving you something to dance to when hyper and cry to when sad. music's the expression and feeling of the artist producing it and the effect it has on you. For example: Kurt Cobain - grunge rock band singer, but would probably be considered pop due to the amount of people he affected with his music but lets be honest you wouldn't see his music every week of TOTP now would you? if you feel genres have been missed out. go into the forum and post genres you feel would appeal to people and I'll stick up pics, videos etc. :) Keep The Faith! XX

  • Haus Der Luege.
    Haus Der Luege.

    You idiot. Pop, R'n'B, Hip Hop, Dance, Rave and Techno exist, therefore they are real. :P In all seriousness, by saying Pop is not real music and then saying that all the other genres you say are, is hypocrisy, as all those genres, with the exception of classical are pop. Pop is a word meaning popular music. And another thing - many of the more recent bands falling under the Industrial category, especially the EBM and Futurepop side of it are in fact Dance music. Combichrist (I'll go for the stupidly obvious Industrial band everyone knows) have many features in common with other types of Dance music. And also, I seriously doubt whether you have been exposed to any real Industrial, Goth, Rave or even Techno music. Feel free to tell me what you think they are and prove me wrong. If you do I shall be very surprised. Awaiting your reply. Deleting this comment will just prove you can't win a debate.

  • Missingintai

    deathglam thts it :DD :DD :DD i couldnt member :L ahh well all the same there music is inspirational too me and i loves them :DD Matt

  • Missingintai

    hey deathstars are industrial and also quite gothic like goth glam u should get them up there awesome ;) nice page btw really original :) :) :) :)

  • Haus Der Luege.
    Haus Der Luege.

    "Mix of Real Music" so you only like music that exists. That's fair enough :P

  • luv Joshua Taylor Is Awesome

    Would it be possible to make Gothic, Punk, Industrial, etc more mainstream? Of course most people today listen to what I describe as "little girls" music such as Basshunter.


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