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Bruthaaz 09

drop some for the Bruthaas !

10/6/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Group created: September 2009
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Me, Myself, and I
The Bruthaa'z
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  • Michelle.
    luv Michelle.

    So whats new with th bruthaa'z?? Or just th ones that still come on here, lols Well.... Idk bout anyone else buh I'm up the wopwop. Haha, who woulda thought... Moo's pregnant and gna hava baby! woo k bye, lols

  • Michelle.
    luv Michelle.

    Weeee !! i'll talk t you tawkinq t myself too bruthaa(: Hahaa so needa qet on th mault aeeey, party hard.. Lols K i feel lykaa fool now jussd talkinq t myself too, hahaha Cz for th bruthaa'z !

  • .Jelly
    luv .Jelly

    dropping some love for th homies LOL . miss all you niggers hha . needr catch up sometime . as if anybody will read ths LOL since ths page is no longer looked at by anyone now hhaha so preeeeeeeetty much talking to myself hahaha aaaanywaaay LOVE use :L :L :L :L ;* <3

  • Michelle.
    luv Michelle.

    Haha hard agree with you ! LOL ↓ Went outta style hard, barely have recent coments on here, haha still drop a heart though. Czyo(:

  • .Jelly
    luv .Jelly

    ; ths paqe is best now lmao but heres a heart for th homies lols Cz x

  • Michelle.
    luv Michelle.

    Ewssh and iwasnt even in town for her bday, haapy LATE one jazzy, shit this thing is old ! Anyways heres a heart . Cz(:

  • .Jelly
    luv .Jelly

    ; well so much for all meetinq up for Jazzs bday . well love all yu bitches lmao :)

  • .Jelly
    luv .Jelly

    ; we all needer catch up some tiem . like honestly we shuld qo out and raqe it up when th Last person turns 18 ( JAZZ) :L :L hhar love use last love ;

  • Leesah Lee
    luv Leesah Lee

    Heil Homiee x

  • .Jelly
    luv .Jelly

    LOVE tu th DOGS

  • .Jelly

    Daaayyymmm ihts been a fucken while. wuld qiv a LOVE but qot much. ; ; x x x

  • Michelle.
    luv Michelle.

    Whoaaaa ! :)

  • Toohs
    luv Toohs


  • Rhykas Mama

    Bsz ; ran outta hearts but hate TBZ less aeh ! alwaays n' forever ! seiq xx Ree p.s. make me a moderator 2! :)

  • Tarah Brau
    luv Tarah Brau

    BLEH! :DD Hart 4 yurh Muggz :L

  • Jasmine

    wasssssssssssssssuuup!! :L

  • Leesah Lee
    luv Leesah Lee

    Love fully first time ever.... nevermind a first is better then never.. seeiqq !! x o

  • Toohs
    luv Toohs


  • Tee.
    luv Tee.

    love for the bruthaas .x

  • .Jelly
    luv .Jelly

    LOVE for thaBRUTHAAz.x LOVEuse