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Colin Kane

Good luck to anyone gettin' their Leavin' results...Gary & Chris especially!!!

8/12/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Madrid
  • I am Married
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About Me

It wasn't raining yet, but it was definitely a little misty on that warm November night...
Me, Myself, and I
sit down and fire away, i know it's tricky when you're feeling low,
when you feel like your flavour
has gone the way of a pre-shelled pistachio...
i know you're weighed down
you're fed up with your heavy
your boots
laced with melancholy notion's all you own...

i do - like sugar - tend toward the brittle and sticky when spun
and i know my demeanor
has gone the way of a photo left out in the sun...
so i try to keep myself in lillies and flax seeds...
oh what a folly- fooling just yourself...

sit down and smoke away,i wouldn't knock it till you're in them shoes
oh watch as ours subtlety blows away as a blusher gives way to a bruise...
but seemly, we'd freely make a trade-off
a dry rot to take the weight off
swap the boots for red shoes

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  • 2 more quotes from last night...

    Colin: Oh Sunny do you love Madrid?

    Sunny: (without ANY hesitation) I love black men!


    Colin and Gen discussing the difference between the verbs to MILK and to LACTATE:

    Gen: But wouldn't it be more passive though?

    Colin: What do ya mean?

    Gen: Like, I'd milk you but I'd lactate myself.

    Colin: *spits Sangria all over the table*

    0 Comments 241 weeks

  • Fave Madrid Quotes thus far...

    Colin: Is you Madonna?

    Sunny: She wishes!


    Rita: How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

    Student: I frequently feel very unfortunate.

    0 Comments 242 weeks

  • Mariah Carey - Did I Do That?

    I really hope when you hear this song
    That you're happy with someone new
    Baby because I found a love I can call my own
    And I owe it in part to you

    Don't you know that you seem
    Just a little crazy
    You had my trust and intimacy
    But you threw it away just threw it away
    And now it's all in the past
    When I think of you I just laugh
    My friends must have thought
    I was high to have given so much
    To someone not worth my time

    Funny how sometimes
    You can really lose your mind
    And do things you would never do

    You rhapsodize
    And get caught up in the hype
    'Till your senses return to you
    Love plays you for a fool

    You were so insecure
    And your crew was so immature
    Conversations, painfully weak
    You were much better off
    When you didn't speak
    But boy to tell you the truth
    lt was my illusion of you
    Being somehow destined for me
    That had me in a daze
    But we're not the same in truth

    I really hope when you hear this song
    That you know it was meant for you
    Though your attention span's not that long
    Try to do the best you can do!

    0 Comments 254 weeks

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  • MIchelle Dunphy
    luv MIchelle Dunphy

    Hi babe

    3/3/12 via Mobile
  • MIchelle Dunphy
    luv MIchelle Dunphy

    Hi colin how u

    3/9/11 via Mobile
  • Kiara Smurph-Xx
    luv Kiara Smurph-Xx

    Beyonce:D ...waiting as i text:) ...2 ppl ahead of me...waited in the pissing rain...do you see what youv turned me into!!!Lol

    11/22/09 via Mobile
  • Lisa Browne
    Lisa Browne

    hello ther wats d craic,heard ur self nd misss louth wer at sum concert recently..that message sounds a bit ominous,wat was d dream!!!!:O

  • Chris Culshaw
    Chris Culshaw

    just went up there col is very unhappy ha only messin...sure we can go out next weekend!!

  • Chris Culshaw
    luv Chris Culshaw

    i think it was meant to be this sat alrite...but ya sure mabye next weekend

  • Chris Culshaw
    Chris Culshaw

    its meant to be sat..theres no harm like if u cant make it!!

  • Chris Culshaw
    luv Chris Culshaw

    cool how bad...ya we are goin to the chinese and the com should be a good night:)

  • Chris Culshaw
    luv Chris Culshaw

    nah boi hours have been cut now anall its a balls...wot are u doin in spain again!!?

  • Chris Culshaw
    Chris Culshaw

    ha...it was great the pirates was open till 2 like so partyed on all night ha...was wrecked the next mornin tho:L

  • Chris Culshaw
    Chris Culshaw

    haha....im sure there will plenty of more sun for ya haha...whats the night life like there!!?

  • Chris Culshaw
    Chris Culshaw

    haha thats the job im lookin forward to them:L ....'clouds'??...wot da ya mean!!?:L

  • Chris Culshaw
    Chris Culshaw

    ya the pirates is open till 2 today/tomorrow ha....oh ya cant wait to go out!!!

  • Chris Culshaw
    luv Chris Culshaw

    i got a D1 in spanish still happy tho:) ....ya they all got on fine...thanks:)

  • Chris Culshaw
    Chris Culshaw

    hiiiiiii,how arer ya..got the results im chuffed:)) :))

  • Shane

    Col babe, if I don't hear from ya, I should be at the beach around 11. Ye must be out! x

    8/5/09 via Mobile
  • Shane

    Got the pepper sauce the other day by the way. It''s already packed sweet dahlings.

  • Shane

    Early gettin' in! Woop! Last shift for 2 weeks. It all went too slow.

    8/5/09 via Mobile
  • Shane

    Pull up pretty much again? LoL. We're watching South Park. Timmy! Are ye gonna meet me at the beach? x

    8/4/09 via Mobile