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Al K. Holic

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  • Male, 21, Luv 1,179
  • from My bed
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: June 2006
  • Last active: 10/4/11
  • www.bebo.com/ashleypwn
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Relocated to facebook init ;)
Me, Myself, and I

. A s h l e y L a a a a =)

The Other Half Of Me


Sells lemonade :D good times =) Ly x

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  • Watcha wana beeee ?

    му gιяℓfяιєи∂! = Rhiiiiiiiiiiii ;)
    My Vodkakaka Mert! = _*//Sam//*_!
    My ickle Beautiful Sis = _*//Sophiie P//*_
    му вαвєн gιяℓ = _*//Chelsea//*_
    му вαвє = _*//JєηηαMαяιєSнαω//*_
    му αℓкι fяιєи∂ = _*//Jenni//*
    му ѕєχу Girl = _*//Sian//*_
    му ѕє¢яєт α∂мιяєя =_*//Catii//*_
    му вєzzιє мαтє = _*//Jessie//*_
    му ѕєχу gιяℓ = _*//Tasha W//*_
    му вα∂ gιяℓ = _*//Pwincess Chelsey//*_
    му ѕєχу gαωנυѕѕ мσ∂єℓ = _*//Sophiie P//*_
    му мαиαgєя =
    my Bestest eva friend = _*//Sophiie P//*_
    му ∂ιяту ∂αи¢єя = _*//Jenni//*_
    му 1st вσ∂у gυαя∂ = _*//Liam C//*_
    му 2nd вσ∂у gυαя∂ = _*//Mc Danny!//*_
    му яυ∂євσу =
    му нαя∂¢σяє gαиgѕтα = _*//Georgiie//*_ <3
    му ραятиєя ιи ¢яιмє = _*//Jess!//*_
    Mч Bezzie Girl m8 = _*//Sophiie P//*_
    My sexi Shaggable huggable gurl = _*//Catii/*_
    My Bezzie Lad m8 =
    му вιт¢н = _*//Laura//*_
    му вυм ¢нυм = _*//Hannah//*_
    му єνєяутнιи = _*//charlotte//*_
    му тωιи = _*//Sam//*_&_*//Adam//*_
    му нσмιє = _*//Sarah//*_
    My English buddi = _*//Sarah//*_
    му ğαиğšтα = _*//Baybey Beccy//*_
    му ριмρ = _*//MC Danny!//*_
    My Frank = _*//Georgiie//*_ <3
    My Bit On The Side = _*//Chelsea//*_
    My Princess = _*//Tasha W//*_
    му šσυℓ мαтє = _*//Abii//*_
    му ¢нι¢к = _*//Pwincess Chelsey//*_
    My Lil Bяотнєя =
    My Fish = _*//Tasha!//*_
    My Food Buddy=
    My Hickey Buddy=
    My dirti lil buddi =_*//Jordiee lerdd...X//*_
    My Bestest buddi Who i wana grow old wiv = _*//Sophiie P//*_

    27 Comments 327 weeks

  • wellll______________________.

    You have a nice______.

    You make me _______.

    I really love when you ___________.

    You should _______.

    Someday I will ______.

    You + me =________.

    If I saw you now I'd __________.

    I would build a _______ just for you.

    I would get your name tattooed on my __________.

    If I could sing you any song it would be _________.

    id like to touch your_________.

    i love it when you______________.

    if we could spend 1 night together where it would be ________, and what would we do__________________.

    you'd love to see my_________.

    id take you for a ride on my________.

    We could __________ under the stars.

    _______________ xxx

    (P.S. ______________.)

    11 Comments 352 weeks

  • pass it arwnd !!!!

    You've just been passed the Bong. Pass this bong to at least 4 of your friends to keep the green in rotation and make sure you pass it back to me. Dont be greedy with tha shit !!!

    0 Comments 355 weeks

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  • Hayleyy
    luv Hayleyy

    helllooo strangerr :D long time no speakk :P you okayy ? msn ? haylee.ford@hotmail.co.uk Lovee youuu xx

  • Chelsea Babii
    luv Chelsea Babii

    Haaaa rofl man, i soooo need to speak to you, im in stitches here! Loves Ya<3

  • DollFace.
    luv DollFace.

    Yeah You.. Sexy Fukaa (: Ill leave It in Private Mail Yeah Dont Know Who's Lookin At Ya Bebo :P Ring Me As Soon As U Get My Number Have A Chat ;) A Good One LoveYou Babe x x

  • DollFace.
    luv DollFace.


  • luv ClaireMacca.

    :O well that was nice hahaha. i'll sort mine out.. n u get one! hahah o.j u ok ? wuu2 ? xx ly

  • Jacque Jessiicaa '
    Jacque Jessiicaa '

    nope random add (: x

  • -.-

    Facebookk is schnidddd! :)

  • 'FuckFace'
    luv 'FuckFace'

    I didnt get it :/ what did it say?? xx ly

  • 'FuckFace'

    Haha w.e i didnt really knew who it was, but i thout i might have been you cuz i regconised your voice so i was gonna texted ya but u texted me 1st so ahaa wer connect Ash ;) :L awww maa baaaddd i totally miss the massive mega nice hug didnt ii!!! dammnnn :P awww gdgd :) ahaa how come? where did you ended up going? i am good thank you (: awwww kwl :) been to watch the footy cz it was their last game and got babysittin job to do for my mums mate later (Y) lu'xx

  • 'FuckFace'
    luv 'FuckFace'

    Ashleeyyy :D I saw you last night (: well not really but ya no :L i was going to go to ya to gave ya a MASSIVE hug as i havnt seen you for ages but couldn't be bothered :/ lol you stopped for abit aswell didnt ya? maa baaddd :P howa you babs? been up to much? lu'xx

  • ClaireMacca.

    Have a nice time taning with eygyptians well im partyyinggg ;) muhahah Nah have fun m'dear :) no love sorry (N) Loveyou xxx

  • Sophie

    Yes youu are! :L Get your bum to work ashley baines! What you been doin with yaself then? Lyy xo

  • luv Sophie

    :O ! dont be soo mean ashley baines :L Yeahh i'm okay thanks :) Yeah i am (N) you working lazy bum ? Ly xo

  • Juicy

    please join(: http://www.bebo.com/247MSN 19:38:59

  • You Wish Love.
    luv You Wish Love.

    me sort it out!? your the one with the boring sex bianes! haha would be a different story cause ash-aa-lee would be blown away and then turn into me stalker and like try raping me. am just too good like ;) the head stopping will be posponed until you bring on the hardcore sex you promised. so ash-aa-lee get onit! ;) xD

  • Chelsea Babii
    luv Chelsea Babii

    Haaaaaa shut up:L <3

  • You Wish Love.
    luv You Wish Love.

    god ash. same old things lad. fed up of this shitty sexual intercourse now wheres the hardcore stuff you promised me ey? sort it out ash-aa-lee or no more head for you. xD

  • Chelsea Babii
    luv Chelsea Babii

    Haaaa W.eeeeeee Ashley.. You Want Me... Dont Deny It ;) Ly x