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Athan Sharpe

I don't think it's possible for someone to be any more childish and selfish as this!! :/

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About Me

My heart belongs to my beloved Mayla.
Me, Myself, and I
Mayla - My beloved, my one and only, my soul mate.

Robbie - My heir and son

Alessandra - My beautiful daughter, my angel

Kyro - My best friend and guidance

Twilight - The greatest friend anyone could want.


Striding through the forest, a smile as bright and cheerful as the sun itself, was a young man. All around him, nature seemed at its best, the birds sang happily, the flowers stretched up towards the sun, and the trees bore wonderful fruit. He was a handsome specimen. Tall and strong-looking, with soft blond hair, and eyes that changed colour with his mood.
His name was Athanasios Sharpe, Athan to his close friends. He was the God of Life, Children, Animals and Nature. A friendly person, always trying to be kind to whoever he met.
He is hopelessly in love, with the most wonderful creature ever to exist, Mayla. He has a son (previous relationship) Robbie and a daughter Alessandra.
The Other Half Of Me
Mayla Stines

Mayla Stines

My angel, no matter what she says. I love her.

From the moment you came into my life, I knew you were something special, and I am so pleased that I found you. Nothing will ever tear us apart. We have been through kidnappings, ex-lovers returning, fights and feuds, and all other manner of hard times. But now, we are stronger than ever, and my heart will always belong to you. I love you, my dearest Mayla, forever and eternally I love you.
My handsome little guy. Well, not so little any more. You have grown into a young man everyone should be proud of. Brave, intelligent, strong. I will always protect you, and will always try to make sure you are happy. I hope you will always have a reason to smile. If you doubt that, come and talk to me, so I can make you smile again.
Daddy's little princess. You will always be my angel, and I will love and cherish you for the rest of time. You mean more to me than my next breath. My pride and joy, I would do anything just to see your beautiful little smile. I love you, ever so much.
My best friend, in the whole world, ever! Everything I know, you taught me. You have been there for me through thick and thin, and some of my fondest memories are down to you. I promise you I will always love you, and cherish your friendship as much as you do me.
You and I have been through thick and thin together, we have always stuck together and remained friends. I thank you for helping me when I needed you most, and I swear to always be there for you. I am very lucky to have met you, and I know that you and I will be the greatest of friends, forever and ever. I love and cherish you, my dear, and you will always have a friend in me.

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  • About Athanasios

    Full name: Athanasios Sharpe

    Nicknames: Athan, Oracle

    Age: Eternally twenty-one.

    Title: God of Life, Children and Nature!

    Appearance: Shoulder-length blond hair, eyes that change colour with his mood (see other blog), handsome face.

    Personality: Kind-hearted, affectionate, cheerful, ready for fun, always up for an adventure, supportive, loving, loyal, brave, not a violent man.

    Powers: He has the power to create life. Be it animal, plant, microorganism, whatever! He can also control plants, sometimes to bind someone to the spot to stop an attack, and sometimes to grow food in hard times, etc. His main attack is to throw golden orbs, which explode into some form of nature-like weapon, be it thorns, prickles, rocks, anything.

    Second Language: Greek.

    Creator: The conception of Tenebris and Isabel's twins

    Siblings: None

    Partner: Mayla Stines

    Children: Robbie Sharpe, Alessandra Sharpe

    Best Friend: Kyro Carter

    Worst Enemy: None

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  • Athanasios' Eye Colours

    Athanasios' eye colour changes with his mood, so I will explain what each colour means in this blog.

    Blue: Passive, neutral.
    Bright red: Hatred, anger.
    Black: Evil, cruel.
    Purple: Affection, friendship.
    Green: Jealousy, envy.
    Golden/yellow: Cheerful, happy.
    Grey: Shock, fear.
    Dull blue: Despair, sorrow.
    Dull red: Pain, agony.
    Dark green: Suspicion, curiosity.
    Deep red: Embarrassment, shyness.
    Hot pink: Love, adoration.
    Brown: Understanding, caring.

    2 Comments 202 weeks

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Athan is a Vampire Warrior
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102 Vampire points
: IsaacFelix fed Owen to Athan
: IsaacFelix fed Owen to Athan
: Blood fed Kimmy to Athan
: Blood fed Adele to Athan
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  • Tainted Perfections
    Tainted Perfections

    ): where are you my love?):

    Jul 4 via Mobile
  • Mistress Of FantasyGoddess Of Dreams
    Mistress Of FantasyGoddess Of Dreams

    I miss you, sweetie....
    Come back to me!


    Jun 21
  • Isabel Smith
    luv Isabel Smith

    Are you okay to start?

    Jun 12
  • Blood Ties
    luv Blood Ties

    Lol thanks :D some for you too!

    Jun 10 via Mobile
  • Isabel Smith
    Isabel Smith

    Hey! Long time no speak! Are you up for some roleplay?

    May 28
  • Tainted Perfections May 28 via Mobile
  • Tainted Perfections
    Tainted Perfections

    Nowhere now.. I'm okay.

    May 28 via Mobile
  • Blood Ties
    luv Blood Ties

    Old friend returning! Hehe! Luv for you of course since your my old flame! Lol :L

    May 28 via Mobile
  • Raina O'Rourke-Darth Hex
    Raina O'Rourke-Darth Hex

    Yeah so stop snapping at me, it doesn't matter what he did!

    May 27 via Mobile
  • Chaotic Twins
    Chaotic Twins

    I wish i wasn't a girl haha that's why i hate make up and slutty clothes. My boy clothes are awesome haha! I'm staying up to early :P

    May 27 via Mobile
  • Tainted Perfections
    Tainted Perfections

    Might just be getting off for the next few days..

    May 27 via Mobile
  • Tainted Perfections
    Tainted Perfections

    No problem.. Not like I have anything better to do..

    May 27 via Mobile
  • Chaotic Twins
    Chaotic Twins

    That's what girls do to get attention make up that the guy did something and be all mean then they run to another for more attention. You have to be a girl to understand haha :L

    May 27 via Mobile
  • Raina O'Rourke-Darth Hex
    Raina O'Rourke-Darth Hex

    Twins? ... right. Raina wants nothing to do with Rohan's family. Part-cat? Hm. I don't know who Sudi is.

    May 27 via Mobile
  • Raina O'Rourke-Darth Hex
    Raina O'Rourke-Darth Hex

    Find me some friends.

    May 27 via Mobile
  • Chaotic Twins
    Chaotic Twins

    Just block the person causing this and there its done! You don't need that kinda shit. Ill keep Leo nice and happy :DD

    May 27 via Mobile
  • Chaotic Twins
    Chaotic Twins

    Yeah I'm the gal who turned Leo insane and don't worry i know you have another account that your taking over this account as Leo told me and so did you at the start! Haha! I've seen the comments it all adds up to one jealous girl needing attention and your friend Leo had to get caught in it. He would of mailed yoy everything that happened hopefully :L

    May 27 via Mobile
  • Raina O'Rourke-Darth Hex
    Raina O'Rourke-Darth Hex

    No Raina is my character. I'll never give her up. Even if nobody wants her in their roleplay lives.

    May 27 via Mobile
  • Raina O'Rourke-Darth Hex
    Raina O'Rourke-Darth Hex

    So I guess I'm pathetic then for hating roleplay because my character gets fucked over a lot? Nothing good happens, and it makes me want to leave this place 'cause I'm sick of it.

    May 27 via Mobile
  • Chaotic Twins
    Chaotic Twins

    Derp okie! Haha just delete that one that. Sorry that you get to have the drama. It's what bebo is good for! I like watching drama but hate being involved in it! :L

    May 27 via Mobile

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