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Great Roleplayers

Can we get this page up again?;)

Jul 12 | me too! | Reply

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59 luv

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  • Group created: August 2009
  • www.bebo.com/TheGreatRoleplayers
remember y'all are special roleplayers in your own way !(:
Me, Myself, and I
Returning soon!

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updated roleplayers of 2013.
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  • -Hales'
    luv -Hales'


    -Haley James Scott

    One tree hill <3
    Add me <3

    18 hours ago
  • ºUnforgivenNightmares

    *Supernatural Non Canon Roleplayer*

    Jace Montgomery/ Human-Angel Hybrid/ Rogue Shadow Hunter

    -Experienced, Detailed, Daily Active & Mature Themed Roleplayer.
    -Seeking An Active Other Half & A Love Interest (Optional)
    -Looking For More Supernatural Non Canons, Especially Angels/Nephilims.
    -Will Accept All Genres, As Long As Theres A Storyline Behind It Of Course.

    Jace Montgomery is a Nephilim who lost his angelic mother to his immortal father who had been corrupted by the devil himself and power went to his head. Been taking under the wing of an angel who knew his mother, Jace became a Shadow Hunter trained to deal with the likes of demons, vampires, witches, werewolves and arch angels. Unlike other Shadow Hunters he went alone belonging to no faction, instead he went on a personal man hunt to find his father and make him suffer like he did to his son having to witness the death of his mother.

    Jul 19
  • luv Dougie.

    Active Dougie (from McFly)
    - Open to any roleplays/storylines.
    - Single, not really looking for a love interest but if something comes up then i'll happily consider.
    - Up for interesting ideas.

    Get adding:DD

    Jul 17
  • ºStuff And Things.
    ºStuff And Things.


    Rick Grimes

    Even if you don't watch TWD im pretty sure you all know what it's about? Zombie apocalypse and all my characters pretty much the leader of a group of survivors. Was a deputy, was a husband now he's a single parent with two kids it's like something off of jeremy Kyle i know ...excluding the zombies. Anyway add , read profile , the blog where my rules are theres a link to his background if you want to know more about him too


    Looking for fellow walking dead roleplayers cannon or not.
    Also any crossover aslong as they ain't cartoons i don't think rick would come across a cartoon.

    Up for any other supernatural things though or any supernatural cannons since supernaturals the best show ever

    must get back to my stuff and things now :3

    Jul 15
  • 'Lils.

    This is a little big headed, is it not?! :O

    Jul 15
  • Jacqueline Natla
    Jacqueline Natla

    Need change Lara Croft to

    Doppelganger: www.bebo.com/Bornsurvior

    Jul 14
  • Zombie Cakes
    Zombie Cakes

    My profile consists of multiple characters to prevent myself from becoming bored and going inactive repeatedly. These include:
    -The rebel
    - The extremist
    -The innocent
    -The exhibitionist
    -The bitch
    -The reserved
    -The immortal
    -The sheltered
    -The hunter

    All of my characters are female and are diverse enough for any storyline.
    I tailor each character differently for every roleplay, ensuring an original and creative roleplay every time.
    I have 6 year’s experience roleplaying and am capable of long, detailed responses on a regular basis.

    I am looking for more supernatural themed roleplays but I will roleplay with anyone so feel free to add me.

    Jul 14
  • ºD E A N
    ºD E A N

    S u p e r n a t u r a l R o l e p l a y

    Dean Winchester

    6 years Character experience!

    Add away!

    Jul 12
  • luv JessMarin'

    any Active PLL role-players?x

    Apr 6
  • Marina Dcosta
    Marina Dcosta

    Hello. I'm new here. Haven't really thought about a storyline for my character, But I'm not new to roleplay, I've been roleplaying for years now. So hmu

  • The Wild Rose غ
    The Wild Rose غ

    a non canon i can fit in several genres such as Marvel/DC, Harry Potter, BTVS, Merlin, POTC, and so forth.


    - charmed
    - one tree hill
    - celebs
    - gossip girl
    - glee

    im not going to explain her here since it's rare that people actually read it. so add if you like and im also looking for a male love interest and other half.

    I've been roleplaying since 07; I'd like decent and interesting storylines, no god moding, ya know basic rules

  • Willow.

    well this is weird, being back here..

    12/14/12 via Mobile
  • 'Goldilocks. 11/20/12
  • Alexis.

    #: MISS MY GROUP! D;

  • Bring F.r.i.e.n.d.s Roleplay Back
    Bring F.r.i.e.n.d.s Roleplay Back

    Come and join this group, read the profile and the blog c: We have a few characters but we do need a few more. {: We need a Phoebe, Ross and few more of what we have. c: So come on, take a look and it would be great if you guys made accounts. Let's not let this gene diie again.

  • Benji

    Looking for a zack as a love interest from Eating out 4: Drama camp. If you want to be that person then add me and I will tell you more about the character. The roleplayer must be male

    7/3/12 via Mobile
  • Mae Ghost Girl Orphan
    luv Mae Ghost Girl Orphan

    Mae Is looking for a Family and Friends to make a Storyline with.

    Mae is a Ghost and 4 Years old. (Roleplay Only)

  • 'Jenkins.
    luv 'Jenkins.

    aaah. c:
    totes remember when I made this.^^;

  • Willow.

    "THELEGENDARYREDHEAD" is back in the hoose! Add me if you were once friends with me. :)) If not, still add me and lets chit chat. :3

  • 'PrincessBastard.

    add me to your great roleplayers list...trolololololol jks, i'm not that desperate. :)