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We Invincible!!! Coming Soon...

11/27/09 | me too! | Reply

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Self Published
Masterton New Zealand
www.bebo.com/TannerMusic www.bebo.com/Kaleb-V David Dallas..The Man!! Biggest influence who has left a mark on my passion to make it big, is the one and only, Rapture Ruckus!!!
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New Songs are in the making!! Keep a look out!!!
Me, Myself, and I
God. For the endless rhymes and streams of creative ideas of crafting words into lines of meanings and feelings. Thank you for giving me breath. Thank you for bringing me into the world that I'm in. You are my life. I Love You.
Mum and Dad. Forever pushing me and forever loving me. Thank you.
Cole and Sadie. Though we've walked through the rain, we'll always have eachother. I Love You. Sam. For staying up late nights sharing laughs, opinoins, and prayers. For listening. For the advice. Always involving Me. And recording my tracks. Shot! R!OT YOUTH. For the good times and emotional times. You guys are forever in my heart. The Hampo's For being almost like my 2nd family. "No" is never a word in your vocab. My favourite saneys! Love it. Lickey. You've gota good heart mate. Flat mates 4 life (well I hope not for that long)
And to The Fans.
You are the fuel to my flame, my sunshine on a cloudy day, Forever inspiring.

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  • ChurchBoy

    This song is about how we go to church and describes what we do and how it makes us feel and things like that. We kinda copied Smashproof's song "Ima Hot Boy" but no way near about what their song means.
    Um i guess...enjoy!!!

    0 Comments 193 weeks

  • Im In A Car

    This songs is basically dedicated to my new car the "Holden Barina". Its my baby. The theme is similar to Im on a Boat but yeah...Enjoy!!

    0 Comments 193 weeks

  • Ready Start, Get Smart!!!

    Well Sam and I worte this song for the huge christian concert called "Get Smart" and we preformed it on stage infront of a couple thousand people. We basically wrote the song about our battles and our life stories and how they lead to us having a relationship with God. Its also saying You can have that kinda relationship if your strong enough to stand up and say "Yes, I want to be apart of God's new Revolution". His Revolution (Us) can change the world.

    1 Comment 194 weeks

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  • TJ

    yooo, watup didnt think id be workin witchu haha check out my beats bro

  • CamWaru


  • Xx.Jose.Xx

    im loving "in chain" Cam! mean words :]

  • Sam Tanner

    put Im On A Field in ur flash box! hahhaha

  • Leasha Loo
    Leasha Loo

    WICKARD!!! Love the new beats you guys make anything work lol So cam whens your CD coming out so want a copy!! :)

  • Sam Tanner

    Yo ! we had to make do with a crap edit of Im On A Field coz no video software was working for us ae apart from movie maker. so we did it but it sorta lags between clips. but its ok. im uploading it now so it should be up by the time u get this comment! bless

  • SamTannerMusic

    brooo...check out my new song haha

  • Courtz'

    haha wiicked cam ! love the masterton song (: i think yu just made a new theme song for mtown peeace

  • Sam Tanner

    wat if smashproof smashes us for recreating their beat and turning it all around? IMA CHURCH BOY IMA IMA CHURCH BOY !!

  • RiRi
    luv RiRi

    x _ Yo ; Mean Beats With The Boii Sam Tanner ;) Biqq Ups Haati ! Keep Duhinqq Wahd Ya'll Duhinqq Foa The Glory Of The Mann Above .

  • luv Sam Tanner

    Yeyuh. just bought Trip Lee's new album plus 116Clique's (thats like Lecrae, Tedashii, and Trip Lee's rap crew, based on Romans 1:16) EP called Amped, it's all christian rap but the beats have mean elec guitar in them and stuff. I'ts mad. go hard, Dream even bigger man! PEACE!

  • luv Sam Tanner

    shot for the shout out bro. RR BABY, HEAR GUNSHOTS IN OUR BEATS! RR BABY, ... oh crap

  • luv Vanaa.


  • N I C O LA
    luv N I C O LA

    You're music is amazing ! :)) x o

  • W A I

    WOW ! InLove with 'In Chains' Mad lyrics. Jeeze that was cool. Im Like gonna stalk this page now, :D

  • Kaleb

    Marry Me

  • Caitlyn

    Shot for add (:

  • Leasha Loo
    Leasha Loo

    well done cam!! You should really look at tryn out for excel u got the whole package loving R.R track

  • Sadiee

    in chains is madd.

  • . Courtney .
    luv . Courtney .



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