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Alayna Desiree Nightstalker

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  • Female, 107
  • from United States
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  • Member since: August 2009
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Me, Myself, and I
Alayna was the result of a most unnatural thing. Her mother, Desiree, was unable to bare children. The very fates had made sure the evil that lurked within Desiree would never spread any further. Her father, Anakin, had other ideas. The woman he loved could not have the children she so desperately wanted? He didn't think so. After much time and effort he managed to impregnate Desiree. It took magic and favors from some very powerful people, but it happened. And thus Alayna and Zaike nightstalker were born. Yin and Yang was the only way to describe the twins. Alayna was good and Zaike was evil. That did not last for long however. Zaike corrupted his innocent sister, and stole her very sanity from her. She became more powerful, but power hungry. She saught any bit of magic or power she could harness. Any powerful man she lusted after, and sought to manipulate to do her bidding. Karisto Cort was no different..she would have him yet...and the world would see the true meaning of chaos.

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