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I Had The Best 2weeks With Loco..x

1/4/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • x-Pedro && Loco-x

    < copied from Loco's blog >
    Me And Loco Have Got The Best
    Friendship Going....Jealous?
    I Would Be If I Was You.


    26тн σ¢тσвєя тιℓℓ 2η∂ ησνємвєя 2008
    This week has been amazing with you Loco, i didnt want it to end. We had soo many laughs :L and thats what i love when im with you we just act like a pair of kids..
    Omg just read through your blog babes and about that film we watch " Ooo You Got A Nice Little..." haha just like you im not going to finish off what it is... you shuould know we said it all week!! ""ooo LILLY " haha thats another thing we said all week!! OMFG what a night halloween was!! Woo Walking round town to trty and find an outfit haha.. but when we did Damn we looked Hawt haha..(Y) You got hammered by about 11 so i was stuck with all the adults till we went home at 2 IN THE MORNING!!... Yes My knee and my toe still hurts from falling over on the decking.. i cant beleive that.. my excuse for falling over was it was wet haha! Haha and the day i went home.. at the service station lol that old man and woman .. haha sooo funny we even got julie to laugh.. the old woman stormed off then come back with a cake.. then the old man took half.. greedy bugger haha!! " But not to worry"... Well babes im soo upset that the week came to an end.. I love you soo much loco you mean the world to mee! Just look on the upside hopefully im down for christmas!!.. xxxxxxx

    Loco you are my special everything!
    I Love You soo much!!

    21st December Till 4th January
    wow these two weeks wer the best! we ha such a laugh. Spending xmas with you and my dad was great! That party on the satday with all your family and your nan bought you a pack of sponges haha. Then the party on the sunday night with ronda simon and the kids haha, you singing all the love songs to rondy! haha then simon spilt red wine all down his top. you turned kelie into a veggi.... well sort of haha!
    Haha "its not my cup of tea" haha i never knew washing up could be soooo fun haha... the julie rudly interupted our conversation and shouted " ooo yer i will have a cup of tea" bless her if only she listened to the full conversation she would of found out i dont like cups of tea!! haha. Then when i was trying to get my dads attention to see if he had a lighter, i wispered "dad... dad" then he turned around and yelled an me.. i was God all i wanted was your lighter lol, then he pulled on out of julies bag.. and what a surprise it was mine!!! :O
    What night did we go down the club?? hummm.... anyway that was funnay as.. that man 'trying' to danc, then he seen us looking at him came and sat by me and asked if i was " your bird" who says that now adays lol !! Oh SHIT! haha. Welll im never goin to tescos with you again.... you wer sooo embarassing walking round the shop goin " tunes.. tunes.. does anyone know where them tunes are" haha you couldnt help but laugh. Oh yerr on the last nite we went to tescos to get some tea with dad and julie then they walked out of the shop go in the car and we fort they drove off.. twats.. so we started walking home then they drove up behind us haha... thats was sooo not funny!...Haha on the way to the service station.. my nan kept ringing me haha then she said she mite be abit late..."how late?" "2HOURS" wot the hell 2hours... then we had to drive to teweksbury... and meet at a pub. which we had no idea where that is... haha..!!!!!!!!!!!!there was soo many laughs we had in the two weeks and some of them i cant remember haha... just remember that PEDRO <3'S LOCO

    Our Film= :D Titanic :D
    Our Song= :D Glamorous :D
    Our Saying= :D I Dont Get It Do You? :D
    Our Food= :D Super Noodels :D
    Our Place= :D Langport :D
    Our Drink = :D frapochino :D
    Our Programme = :D Skins :D
    Our Shop= :D Tescos :D
    Our Magazine= :D Take A Break :D

    Well basicall

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  • Hayley.
    luv Hayley.

    I'm pretty miserable lol. I HAVE A COLD. ITS MEANT TO BE SUMMER. Just finished my exmas yesterday though, so I intend to stay in my pajamas for pretty much teh rest of the week :) How about you? Miss you too :( Quarry in the summer hols? X

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    last ite was gud wun it haha. U gunna cum rownd town wit us on 20th june then? u gotta cum, u can stay at mine after. CANT WAIT!! xxxx

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    Wrong. :) X

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    Guess Whos Got The Internet Back? 'ave a guess :D xxx

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    il be in the kings head so il txt u wen im in town? wot tym u goin out? u shud cum to th kings its betta than th boars! xxx

  • Dionee.

    Omggg !!! i knowww :L . чeahh im good thankss babee (: . gutted. fuck all tbh :L . wbb x x x

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    u goin rownd oz or shrews? if ur goin rownd oz il cum n ava drink with u? xxxxxx

  • Dionee.

    HellooBabee (: long time no speak ! чou okaчч ? been up too much ? wbb Lu''x

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    hey hows u?? u up to mch this wseek? soo glad we got a wk off col! wb xxx

  • R.W

    Hello Mrs ! Lol Miss You !!! Cant Wait To See You Love You xx

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    hey hun.hows ya hols goin?xx

    4/15/09 via Mobile
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    awhh i cant wait to see you its going to be the best drink drink drink.. :D lovess xx