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I'll reply to everybody later imma be off for a while

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Me, Myself, and I
... Im not that easily taken out!!! Ahh im not sure what tah put here anymore :o Uh well im just looking for fun peopple tah hang with and and up for everything.
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A set of skull candy headphones that read mischievous across the arch in bright blue letters, the headset itself being black so as to further promote said blue lettering.

A blue button up which he often leaves open and unbuttoned. Upon the back of this is the image of 4 Squirtle's dressed in color coordinated head wraps and weapons that are associated with a child hood favorite of his. Atop this image is a title that reads "Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles" In big, bold and blue letters.

Black pants, the cuffs of which are adorned with white flames with a golden dragon wrapped about the right leg of his pants.

His shoes matched the hue of blue that was used in the stitching of his headphones and upon the lateral side of his shoes were 5 crescent shaped markings that are fashioned to resemble a smiling face.
The Other Half Of Me


MI deve proteggere la Principessa~! 8)

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  • The Prodigal Son

    Name: Takouya Vorel

    D.O.B.: Unknown

    Race: Dragonic sun deity

    Place of birth: Unknown

    Father: Bahamut aka King/Grandfather of Dragons.

    Mother: Brigid aka Celtic goddes of Fire

    Story of Prodigal son: Bahamut, son of Lo and Grand father of Dragon kind is scripted to a son of unknown origin who rebelled and left his side and disappeared amongst the mortal plains. But if this soon ever return and sleigh his father he would then take his place and be crowned King of Dragons.

    Story of Takouya: Born from the culmination of the King of Dragons Bahamut and goddes of sun and fire Brigid, Takouya was a legend and held power that most arrived their entire lives to obtain. The years following were spent with him aiding his father in the creation of Dragon kind while learning all the he could but not long after had word of his birth traveled to the ears of his aunt Tiamat, sister of Bahamut who vowed to oppose him in his quest for good after being banished by their father Lo. Upon their first visit to the mortal plains Tiamat appeared to the young Dragon deity and cursed him, passing his heart with darkness in hopes of ultimately bring him onto her side so as to aid her in bringing down his father. Distraught he confronted his father and came up with a solution.

    Bahamut was to strip him of his godly standings, forcing him to take on the likeness of a human and cat him down into the mortal plains where he would remain until he'd learned to conquer the darkness of his own heart and through his on methods climbed back to status, attaining both the strength and standings that were his birth right.

    Going through with the plan Takouya was sent into the world and landed amidst a war torn battle within which he lost and gained something. He lost all memory of his pay as a deity and of his parents but amongst the battle he managed to find another. A boy he'd come to claim as his brother. Seizo. And so the story began.

    Extra: Takouya's last name Vorel was given to him in memory of his uncle and Bahamut' s older brother who was killed by Tiamat.

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  • KidFlare vs. Misaka The Railgun

    (The fight so far)
    -The clouds darkened and from a far a girl was seen in her middle school uniform fallling as electricity pulsed around her body.seconds later the electricity turned into a thunderbolt as she launched her self to the edge of the city landing creating a crater.she stood up. Dusting off her uniform dramatically- ~.o How was that?

    Amongst the upward reaching buildings that dotted the town he'd landed himself in, the seemingly young boy could be seen, standing atop the roof of one. He stood about 4'4, his golden irises scaning the area as he continued foward. The thing most noticable and suprising about this kid was his hair. His hair was inshrouded in golden red flames which danced lazily in the breeze, as did the freely flowing, unbuttoned button up he sported. This was a white button up with black flames fashioned along the edges of its short sleeves and bottom most edge of the shirt. His skin tone was a a soft brown only a few shades deeper then caramel and upon his chest he bore a large blade inflicted scar the ran from his upper right shoulder to just above his left hip. His pants were black with a golden dragon spiraling up his left pants leg.

    Noticing that there was someone amongst the surrounding area with an impressive presence about them kind of excited him and after pinpointing their where abouts, he lept from roof to roof until he stood atop the building that bordered the crater.

    -She looked up spotting the kid.She smiled then raised her hand unleashing electricity diagonally across the building making a series of explosions which collasped the building he was standing on-"I'm ready when you are!"

    -she put her hands on thus back of her head smirking her lips-

    His excitement hightened upon the launch her her attack though he didn't like the idea of her destroying his aclaimed structure. In a single bound he launched from his spot atop the building, landing no more the 20 meters from the girl he was to do battle with but before considering launching an attack himself, he stood in place, taking a moment look the girl over, his golden eyes scaning over her bodies machanics and womenly features. His grin grew in size, parting his lips as he proclaimed proudly in response.
    Ladies first~! ;o

    -She grinned as she aimed her hand downwards and sent electricity into the ground making herself a magnet collecting the iron from within the ground creating iron sand.the sand formed under the boy forming a series of long(about 5 feet) and thin spikes that could Peirce through concrete.-

    Upon witnessing this, the boy lept up and back, soaring above the ground as he marked that abillity in his mind. Upon coming in contact with the ground once more, he skid back but a foot or two before fading from sight. This was a result of his rapid movement. He'd pivoted off his forward most foot and dashed straight at her at a blured speed but once he was within reach of the girl he once again placed his forward most foot to the ground and flung his right arm back as if trying to spin. The force he'd put into this not only halted his body but after placing his left foot down caised him to drift around the girl in a surgery did fashion.
    Now behind her, he placed both hands to the small of her back and from his hands came forth an explosive blast of fire with just enough power backing it to knock her off her feet and send her crashing into a buildings face.

    -As she was flying towards the building she created a electric current making her self become a magnent so instead of going forwards she went up then used the current to push herself off the building into the air.Quickly she slid out a two titanium coins aligning them on the tip of her thumb unleashing a powerful burst of electricity launching the coins creating a blast as if it came from a railgun.the beams went in the form of a v thus creating two wide spread explosions then magnitizes herself to another

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  • Beyum!!!

    On this night, the moon was high and bright. It's brilliant effervescent glow portrayed a sense of calm. A smooth, mellow atmosphere that to most was quite impressionable, causing thoughts of moonlit walks on the beach and late nights spent star gazing but this was not the case for all. One in particular dusted of the moons attempt to mellow him out as plainly as Rax when hit by a fighter he's deemed inferior.

    His name was KidFlare and though his shoulders were strong, the task he'd been entrusted with was a tedious one. The golden red flames that enveloped his hair flickered about freely, illuminating the pathless terrain upon which he walked. His golden hues irises which seem to draw in all forms of light and project them 10fold in its burning glow scanned a map given to him by his younger brother KidRush. The map was held in a pair of floating, burning hands with a soft pink hue to them, signifying their temperature was cool so as to not set the map ablaze. The hands pointed out where on the poorly drawn, kindergarden grade map they were currently at. The reason he'd delegated the task of map holding to a pair of flaming hands he'd created was do to the fact that upon the shoulder of our younger heroin was two excessively massive speakers, each 10by 20 meters in width and length and weighed in at 6 tons each. A earth shaking sigh escaped his lips as he continued forward, a pace count constantly kept in his head. "13..14..15..!"

    The young hero took a hard left, pivoting on his left heel as he spun about before slamming his heels together and opening his eyes. Upon doing so, he found himself staring blankly at the side of a mountain and carved into the face of the mountain his golden eyes looked upon was the face of the world proclaimed fastest thing on legs, Sonic the Hedgehog, as seen on his games Extra Life! Overcome with excitement and an eagerness to see what awaited him, he slammed the two speakers down at either sides of him though only 5 or so inches separated the two.

    He then kept up, landing up atop the two, his left foot firmly planted to one, his right the other as he stared into the face of one of his child hood heros. Reaching down into his right pocket with the corresponding hand, he swiftly brought out his cellular device () And unlocked the screen after which he went to his music files and grinned widely as he pressed play. For a moment all was silent but that moment is now gone and from the 6 ton stereos that our small heroin had spent his time lugging around came the classic voiced logo of the company that advertised him... "SEEEGAAAA!!!"

    At this the mountain split up the middle in a bellowing uproar shook the ground as he watched this unfold. The mountain that once stood tall and majestic now crumbled before him but from its tattered remains came forth a grand stadium easily large enough to house over 10,000 but its size was more so a result of expanding the arena itself rather than its stadium stands, and he looked at it and it was good. Jumping down from atop the stereos, the boy he landed between them, crouching down as he slipped his fingers up beneath the bottoms of each stereo in with 1 big heave, flonga to stereos high into the air above the stadium before launching got off the ground uoon which he stood after them, after which he grabbed a hold of them and descended upon the stadium, amidst the center of the ring where he's gently placed 2 stereos.
    It was then that he realized that the fighting ring was designed with a giant picture of one of Sonics infamous golden rings with Sonics white gloved hand wrapped about it with his index finger extended.

    The boy then turned on his phones micro phone and using the speakers to project himself, yelled out for all to hear.

    o, yoo, yoooooo!!! You asked for it and here it is. Welcome to Battle Stadium!!! 8)

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Takouya says "I'll reply to everybody later imma be off for a while"
  1 day ago
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Takouya is friends with May And White.
  1 day ago
" <i><rose> Hey everyone im May Haruka ハル..."
Takouya says "Goin to the gym"
  2 days ago
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