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meh, i don't like it here anymore (:

6/14/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I


. . & I held your hand through
  all of these years; but you
    still have all of me. .

◤               ◥ 
   ½ wizard & ½ human.
 black hair ; piercing black eyes
  slytherin ; sectumsempra .
 doe patronus ; half-blood prince ,
 potions, dark arts + occlumency ;
  distant ; untrusting ; brave .
◣               ◢
The Other Half Of Me
Lily Evans

Lily Evans

it`s always been you ..♥~

  「reactivated 290510」

 ♪ far away - nickelback.
 ♪ my immortal - evanescence.
 ♪ heartless - kayne west ft. t-pain.
 ♪ final destination - unknown.
   - - inspiration <3 ~

 - POTTERPUFF skins;
    ↑ Join yeah (:

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Lily Evans

  Lily, I'll love you,
    longer than forever...

For as long as I can remember, my heart always belonged alone to you. From the time when we were children, I have watched you, and I knew that I would forever love you. I saw what you really were; a beautiful magical being. I wanted you to see yourself through my eyes.

I was your best friend, and at the time, it was more than enough for me. The fact that I was able to see your radiant smiling face each day, and see those bright emerald eyes which I could never deny was more than I deserved.

And then, he came into the picture. And I ruined it. I could only pray that one day you could forgive those words I carelessly said. Even if you hated me, I could never do the same. I did try. But I simply couldn't. For all those years I held onto the memories I had off you. You tied me onto the world, and kept me alive.

Then, you were taken from me. Snatched away in a single moment. You no longer existed, except in my memories, and of those who hearts you touched. I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone; but though you're still with me, I've been alone all along.

But you left behind something. Something you loved and cared for so dearly that it was worth your life. I didn't think he could ever be worth you. But I had to protect your legacy. I had to watch over that boy that was part of you; that had the same eyes that used to look at me with love; your own special type of love.

I would make sure that what is your's will live on, so that your memory never disappears, even after I do. But then death finally came to me, after so long. I would give everything and anything to see you again, even for a single moment. You mean more to me than you shall ever know. My love shall forever last longer than a lifetime because you were my life.

◤                 ◥
 I love you; I have loved you all along.
  And I miss you, been far away
  for far too long. I keep dreaming
 you'll be with me and you'll never go;
stop breathing if I don't see you anymore
       ~ <3 . . ♪
◣                 ◢

{ Amyyy ! ;D My super awesome Harry Potter roleplay buddy who made a Lily just for my Severus. Veddy greatful for that <3 (: She stalked me on Facebook 8DD Love you heaps always && forever x33 ~ }

 After all this time,
  it was always you,
   Lily, my only love.


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  • meh.

     ; don't bother / talk to me about edits.
    ; i'd prefer a storyline for roleplay.
     ; don't rush me, cause i'll just tell you to shut up x33 ~
    ; top friends are stupid && i'm not one of those sad-asses that re-aranges their tops everyday and gets depressed about my spot ot whatever.
     ; one liners, 10 paragraphs, i don't care.
    ; to me, 'long' is considered like 15 comments. [ so yeah, don't flatter yourself and say that 2 comments are long >O< ]
     ; don't tax stuff without asking.
    ; don't do disguisting things to severus.

    { 8D Yeah, i know i sound like a bitch here cause, yeah, i'm annoyed / bored right now x33 ~ }

    0 Comments 164 weeks

  • the loser behind severus :)

      i am the epic one called rinny.
    changed the blog O4O11O cause i did : )

    screw it. my name's rosalyn. :3
     don't call me that. *shakes fist*
    14 years old; 15 on 28th july. give me things.
     year 9 in 2O1O in macrobs --"
      lives in victoria - australia.
     hardcore asianese viet person.
      is the only daughter.
    started roleplaying in 2OO8 as isuzu sohma.
     my personality.. is like machi kuragi's.
    swears for fun. i usually don't mean it. usually xD
     bookworm, NB ?, noob.

    harry potter. music. playing piano, sometimes. gothic stuff. dangerfield. black roses. ice cream. juice. anime. manga. movies that make me cry xD. alan rickman. johnny depp. british accents. tigers. eagles. wolves. the colour orange. guitar hero. super smash bros brawl. avatar. transformers. titanic. autumn. snow. # in no order.

    mary sue characters. hypocrites. cowards. movies with gore and chopping people and urgh. pink. ministry of sound music. carrots. bugs. ..nature i guess. spring. hsm. conceited people. bleh, i can't stand tb's. people taxing my shit without asking. i can't think of anything else (:

     well i can't be bothered with this anymore,
      but thanks for reading it you did : )
      [ don't steal the blog layout please ]

        - - x Rinny ♥

    28 Comments 186 weeks

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  • Ashley Carrow - Darksaint
    luv Ashley Carrow - Darksaint

    Omigosh, it's been, like, [i]years[/i], but I miss you soooo much <3333

  • - Madam Lestrange.
    - Madam Lestrange.

    Rinnnnnny!!! ... You really should come back to dear Snapey. We (even Bella) miss him dearly ♥

  • Ashley Carrow - Darksaint
    luv Ashley Carrow - Darksaint

    OMG Soo beautiful I can't stop looking at it! Thankies: I loved it ^^ Missing you too (n_n)

  • Gabrielle Faye Delacour
    luv Gabrielle Faye Delacour

    OOC: Ooo so according to down belowww art thou coming back? Awesome beanage! (Y) Missed you muchly! :O x

  • Possibly Deleting.

    Hello Everyone, My Two-Week Vacation, is OFFICIALLY over, which means I'll be responding to comments, and all that jazz regularly as possible again. At the current time, there is no regular messaging between us, may I ask: why? If there isn't a reason, and you'd like to continue to speak, I'm game, but also, I'd like to start a roleplay between us if possible as well. If you do not wish to continue our friendship, have found someone better (e.g. another Italia roleplayer on my Italy account, etc, or whatever.) Please just inform me now, or simply delete me, if you do not reply to this message within the next time you reply to people, then I'll assume you do not wish to continue the friendship (: thanks! > > > F a i . D . F l o u r i t e . / E t c . < < <

  • Gabrielle Faye Delacour
    luv Gabrielle Faye Delacour

    OOC: Yay my love has returned. Weeee! ....that was the lil love heart flying over to you ;o :L

  • Gabrielle Faye Delacour
    Gabrielle Faye Delacour

    OOC: Misses you Rinny :( You needeth come back ;o You know you love it. Hahaa. How have you been? x Im afraid i only have temporary love left atm. However I'll get back to you whenever I have some proper stuff :P

  • Serverus Snape

    your so right:O how did you know?

  • Delts'
    luv Delts'

    [[Sev owes Delta a reply. *Shakes fist.*:L :L :L :L We missed you Rinnyyyy! ]]

  • Ophelia Schiffér

    i do. i made up jessicaah because i didn't want to be unoriginal, if others use it, then i will be.

  • Eva Coupeau
    Eva Coupeau

    How are you? =D

  • luv Haunted'Memories

    Hey;) how are you. Ive basically came back from inactivness:D and i was wondering..... if...... you would like to roleplay?(: Amaye-Jayne xo

  • -intelligentrainerº

    [[Yup.(: I was browsing over romantic SoulSilver Shippings.<3 I'm a n00b at Computer games.xDD You don't fail at roleplay.You're awesome.:3 Me?Well..I'm a Bebo Addict,24/7. I didn't log in to my FB account yesterday.Nah,why bother?xD]]

  • Ophelia Schiffér

    grr, i'm not happy with that. i copyrighted my name, none of them better add me 'cause i will yell my head off.

  • Eva Coupeau
    Eva Coupeau

    Hey (:

  • Rosalynn. 6/12/10 via Mobile
  • Ophelia Schiffér

    hahaha yes, yes i do. then i find out someone stole jessicaah - sniff - its so tragic. well, my username was /youngersister

  • -intelligentrainerº

    [[It's fun,actually.XD I've been training my Persian and my Lapras to Level 100.My Blastoise,Butterfree and Pidgeotto are all lvl. 100.o.o' I don't.It still needs improvement. ~XD Speaking of Leafgreen,I might be playing it again.x] I don't bother to log in to my FB account. Because it's boring to me.Dx No,Rinny got the skills.XD Awesome,I'll be looking forward to that.:D Have a synthetic heart,I ran out today.^^; ]]

  • .

    B unny; ; Meh, No? LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

  • -intelligentrainerº

    [[Go ahead.;D I see, The reason that I want to make my own Original Character because I just recently played Leafgreen Pokemon. It got me addicted,I want to have SoulSilver and Heartgold as well.:3 I'm on my way to recover my rp skills,I'm sorry if my other accounts are all inactive. I'm starting to like this profile more and more.<3]]