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Jane Carrey Band

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Me, Myself, and I
With fluttering vocals and lyrics wiser than her mere 21 years of age, Jane Carrey's music steps confidently out from her father's footsteps and into the center ring. She sings of streetwalkers and innocents, death metal bands and spies, love lost and love found, and of course-- over trippy backwards-guitar effects on "Carnival"-- the gypsy lifestyle of a lonely-hearted clown. Hammond organs wail, trumpets cry into the night, guitars jangle or burst in air.

The Jane Carrey Band formed not long after Jane met drummer Terry Goldberg and bassist Ian Sloane at the highly selective Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica, Calif., which Jane attended for its jazz program. Terry still also plays in a jazz band, and he says his interests extend to rock, reggae, and even electronic music, depending on what show he's seen this month. Adds Ian: "I bring a funky, jazzy kind of vibe to the band that everybody else feeds off of."

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Jane Carrey Band Video Shoot "Simple Beauty"

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  • Back from Minnesota!

    Wow! The video shoot in Minnesota was a blast! We got there pretty late on Friday night but not too late to hit White Castle on our way to hang with our friends in Sick of Sarah (management sister band and all out awesome ladies) My first time! Those burgers were so disgustingly awesome but the chicken rings are where it’s at…if anyone can point out where exactly on a chicken the “rings” come from I’ll be seriously impressed! Still, they rocked! I think I’m really lovin’ this whole pregnancy food thing eh? At least I feel well enough to eat again! After sleeping a measly 3 freakin’ hours we woke up EARLY the next day to start the shoot. Whoever forgot to tell me to bring bug spray is seriously my new enemy! Lol…We were pretty much in the woods by a lake (mosquito heaven!) Apparently they weren’t biting too bad that day……what the heck do they bite like normally!? Mosquitoes aside, the day was a blast! Not gonna lie, I was completely embarrassed walking down a forest path lip sinking to the camera with a bunch of people watching me, but somehow I managed to act natural (look…acting may run in my family but I am NO actor!) I was trying not to laugh nervously the whole time and it didn’t help that Randy, the camera guy, had to be led over stumps and rocks so he didn’t eat it while running backwards! It was hilarious…wasn’t so funny when I caught a huge branch in the face though…ok, maybe it was! It also didn’t help that the guys (Ian, Terry, & Daniel) were dressed up in these insane camo “Gilly Monster” suits hiding in the bushes! They were so creepy/funny! But Shane Nelson, our awesome director, managed to calm my laughter and get me to act somewhat natural amongst the insanity. We had no idea what the video would look like but when we watched the playback we were stunned to see how awesome everything was looking! Shane is seriously a God! But the day’s insanity wasn’t over yet! We were trying to film a nighttime merry-go-round shot but our efforts were thwarted by the most random Minnesota thunder/lightning storm ever! It was a beautiful sunny day! I didn’t understand this madness…the storm would subside and we’d all run like hell out to the merry-go-round, setup the shot, be ready to roll, then BOOM! Pouring rain…over and over again…haha! It was awesome! I love the rain so I was havin’ a blast! The last shots we did were of us, wet as hell…awesome! After a very loooong day we were ready to hit the sack, I mean bar? Haha…don’t worry, pregnant lady didn’t drink but bands usually need a designated driver right? Ok, THEN we hit the sack. We only had a little bit more to shoot the next day but it was an eventful day to say the least. We had this random guy capturing our whole shoot on his handheld video camera…if that wasn’t weird enough he kept stalking band members to get interviews. Normally I’d be flattered but he creeped me out! I avoided him by literally hiding but when he got near me he confirmed my creeped out feelings. First question while chasing me around, “What’s it feel like to be Jim Carrey’s daughter?” I probably said something brilliant while running away…or I just said fabulous to get him away from me. While the camera was on me I didn’t hesitate to let him know that we were working and that he was in our shot bothering us. In a very violating way, he then panned up and down to “get a look” at me. EWWWWWW!!!! Who does that!? GROSS!!!!! Terry was awesome and tried his best to get him away from me. Anyway, it was time for us to head home so Shane drove us to the airport and we took off! Minnesota will always have a special place in my heart for being the place where people are much more friendly than they are in LA, and for being the place we shot our first music video!!! I can’t lie, it was VERY nice to step off that plane and see my fiancé waiting for me! It was definitely time to go home and hang with Alex and the pup

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  • "Simple Beauty" Video Shoot!

    Heeeeey! Haven’t blogged in a while so I sincerely apologize if this sounds like an unbelievably senseless rant…lol…Well, the band is heading off to Minneapolis, Minnesota where we’ll be working with director Shane Nelson to make our first music video!!!!!!!! I think I need more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s better…We’ll be doing a video for “Simple Beauty,” the title track from our new album and it’s gonna be awesome! Crazy costumes, fun animation…DUDE! It’ll be whimsical, fantastical fun! Not to mention I love hotel rooms and we’re staying in a hotel for 2 days! ROOM SERVICE! I don’t think room service is in the budget but a pregnant girl can dream right? Mmmmm….fooooood….One thing I’m a little afraid of is getting halfway across the country to shoot our very first video and getting struck with mid-take morning sickness! Pray for me…In the meantime, I’ll be desperately searching for something to wear that flatters the ever-growing lump in my belly! Wish us luck! :)

    Minneapolis here we come!! I can’t wait to shoot a music video with the JC Band!! I’ve never actually shot a music video, so I don’t really know what to expect. I guess we’ll see. The last time Jane put me in front of a camera I had some issues. And that was a still camera!! Now we’re about to shoot video!! On the brighter side, Simple Beauty is one of my favorite JC Band songs!! And, conveniently, I just got back from Cabo San Lucas, so I’m tan and lookin good. I met some chill people from Minneapolis while in Cabo so I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to kik it with them, if we have the time. I know nothing about Minneapolis with the exception of that giant mall they call Mall of America, which apparently has rides in it? Jane says if I go there, I’ll get lost.
    So, I just moved from one apartment in Westwood to another this week. Of coarse moving is stressful as balls, but my new roommates are chill, and so far, the neighbors haven’t complained about the music yet. There’s one neighbor who turned out to be a pretty sick guitarist. I actually met him through his girlfriend, Sydney, who was chillin outside his place when I was movin in. I jokingly asked her if she wanted to help us move, she said yes. So now we have drums, bass, and piano in our apartment, and Egor the guitarist next door. It’s gonna be a fun year! Actually, Egor just informed me that he’s moving in a week. He said he’ll visit tho. Still, it’s gonna be a good year!

    So I’m sitting here listening to Simple Beauty trying to picture this music video and I realize I have NO idea what to expect…All I know is I’m super excited.

    Heading out to Minneapolis for the video shoot. Looking forward to some Midwest food. Must remember to bring bug spray, because the State Bird just happens to the mosquito. Going to party with the girls from Sick Of Sarah tomorrow night after the shoot! Can't wait. Minnesota here we come!

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  • Jenny Honn
    Jenny Honn

    I really enjoy listing to your music, I really like the song Simple Beauty, good luck with your music. and keep up the good work!!!!

  • Destine Tepania
    Destine Tepania

    hey jane you music rock our band rocks

  • Peter Smyth
    luv Peter Smyth

    i luv ur music.amazing talant,i cant wait to hear more from yas.heres some luv from ireland