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Jon Boyd

I taught my gal magic, now she done dissappeared on a nigga like David Copperfield gottdamn, I don't like dat trick!!:)

8/16/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
What it do? I"ma young rapper/ghostwriter/all-around artizt from Tha North-Side of St.Louis(put dem N'z up***) I work with my dad in our landscaping biness, I sell Kulture Shock clothing...If u like what u see, holla@me mayne!!! If u a snitch,, Lame, or wanna diss on my niggaz feel free 'cause While u hatin', I"m gettin the Money u mi$$in"
Dat North-Side N!gga 4eva!!!
Ice Breaka V.k.V K.I.R.(K.eep I.t R.eal)

| NORTH-SIDE TRUCKIN'| |""";.., ___.
|_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ]
"(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@)
Myself, my wife Keyshia Cole-Boyd, Game, Paul Wall, The S.crewed U.P C.lick, Errbody from the "A", At Home Productions (in St.Louis), E-40, KEak DA Sneak, All Southern rappaz, B.I.G&Pac
The Greatest movie of all time-Scarface, Friday, Don"t be a Menace, Menace II Socioty, Tha Godfather, Hustle&Flow(they say I'm Djay)
Foot-Ball, Base-Ball, track
Scared Of
Nan N!gga!!(but God)
How I getz fresh???
I throw on tha True Religion Jeans, $400 Red Monkeys, that came in a bag , n a box(not from yo local flea market), I rock a Kultuere Shock shirt--look@my KUTLURE SHOCK pix, and a fresh St.Louis fitted, On my feetz I either got Chuckz or whatizdems, when u look @ my feetz, tha Greedy genius have u sayin, ":gottdamn nigga!! WHAT IZ DEM!?? Get ya mind right!!
45^K.O.B, 4700G.A.M.E, VilleGang, N.S.B/P.O.B Click, PSG, 5500 Horseshoe, Da Grape, CAVE, Minno Blockk, 5900 HillTop HB, &G-Blockk
I wanna say what up 2 Rello 314(my Bruh)JB(pray4him, he locked up), Becky-Boo, Ej, ILL-B, Shari, D-Cage, Mimi, Lil'Lauren, T'Airra,
 B-rad, Janelle(B)&the IWA gals, Game&Paul Wall(I look^2 ya"ll), Keak Da Sneak Kin-Kong, P.O.B Click Da Circle, All my Yellow Bus Ridaz, j , my fam daz on hurr, my people@CRCP, Carnahan, Hazelwood(all of "em) and anybodi I have failed 2 acknowledge two fangaz!!

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  • Is Now the time to say goodbye??

    *I said I write how I REALLY FEEL, SO, THIS IS MY DEDIIKATION & Question 2 Tricey*
    Well, if we have a future, then that's now.....and NOW... I Love you sooooooo much and you're supposed to make me smile, but pain is what remains inside my veins, anger strong enough to bring my health issues up, stresses me out, tellin' all my friends all I'm missing in my life is YOUR LOVE. So is now the time to say goodbye?
    Do I make you smile when I give you thangs? Do I make you cry 'cause all you give to me is pain?? Do you think before you speak to me, or are the tears inside my eyes the things you long to see, so as we hold this phone I sit and wonder why? Is now the time to say goodbye??
    Kelis said-"when that cab door closes I'm in it, and when thatr plane takes off you'll regret it!" I don't want that to be our long story's sad ending. Ask yourself what would do, if you were me and I were you. Would you stay and try to make it work?? Or would you leave becKause how much it hurts, forget the happy times we shared and convince myself it don't need to work. Why should now be the time to say goodbye?
    If you got something good, why throw it away?? If you Love me why kain't you look me in my face?? If you've got Love why would you break your own heart, and kill yourself by tearing what we had apart?? Kuz if you leave, one day you will figure out, what "that nigga" wuz talking about, the craziest thing will happen then, you'll realize that you lost a friend. should there be a time to say goodbye?
    I don't think our love should end, but if I die n-emore inside it'll be too late for all that, I feel like I might die inside, when I text u and u don't text baq....when you figure out what you done lost, and you kain't afford the price it co$t, I hope that I'm not far away, and yo Superman will save your day, so............DO YOU REALLY WANNA SAY GOODBYE???
    If you kain't say yes now, then you obviously dnt know what Love is.... what's real n what ain't??? Are u gonna make it work for the life we made, BEKUZ WE DON'T HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE...........................

    0 Comments 215 weeks

  • Pain Pt.II

    Sometimes I wonder the way she talks 2 me what kinda of shyt I'm on,
    Sometimes I wonder why she never picks up the phone,
    sometimes I wonder too much and I start to belive,
    so now I THINK that this girl doesn't care about me,
    Sometimes not hearing her voice hurts so much that this ganglife can't compare,
    Sometimes I cry because I think she's never there,
    Sometimes I when she says,"go 2 hell", I go and talk to satan,
    Somtimes I don't call because I think misery is watin,
    Sometime when I talk 2 satan he sayz"Nigga, she DON'T LoVE YOU, so slash ya throat!"
    Sometimes she gets mad and I try it....but that'z never all she wrote,
    Somtimes I ask her if she loves me, knowing the answer will hurt,
    Everytime she appears in my mind, I pray that I'LL
    ALWAYZ be with HER~~~~Jonathan M. Boyd 7/07/2007

    2 Comments 315 weeks

  • Be Real

    I tryin' to releave your pain n these words I write,
    to make up for his mistakes I wanna make everything right,
    I understand the things you've been through 'cause I've went been through them too,
    so right now as you read these words what will you choose to do?
    Will you be tormented by the past or find happiness in whats new??
    Well, whatever decision you make your future lies on you,
    beckause I can only convey to you what my pen will allow,
    so can you see us in the future?? Well the future is NOW...and now..
    and now...you feel what I'm sayin?? I know it may sound like game, but just know that I ain't playin':O

    7 Comments 330 weeks

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