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Haipa Mujina

Do the new pole please!!:D Cause we want to check what YOU want us to do!!:D

9/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Group created: July 2009
  • www.bebo.com/HaipaMujina
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About Me

The Monkeys are coming!
Me, Myself, and I
We're a parkour and freerunning group!!
And we do Jackass stuff aswell!!

Join please cause we love people getting entertainment from our stupidity and our skills too!!:D

We will have more videos up soon so be patient!!:) Weeeeeeeeeee:D :D

Our youtube page is http://www.youtube.com/user/FlyingFi...

And Philips youtube page is http://www.youtube.com/user/HBKKILLER

And Padraic's youtube page is http://www.youtube.com/forgottensacr...

Check them out because there are loads of great videos of all of us doing stupid/entertaining/awesome things that we like to do!!:D And most of all ENJOY!!:D

Mermbers of Haipa Mujina:
Padraic Etherton
Philip Mabrouk (Philip Magnetic)
Cormac Reilly (Cormac Loves Claire)
Jonathan Little
Paul Mc Kenna
Tony Henry (X-And-O Man)
[Bebo names in brackets]

OUR WEBSITE IS HERE http://haipamujina.wetpaint.com/

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Random Fun and Free Running

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  • Name :)

    Padraic Etherton by Padraic Etherton
    We have found out that the name FlyingFishMonkeys is being used by band (completely coincidental) but we know that we ahve the right to continue to use the name since we are a parkour freerunning group and not a band but were still thinking about what other names we could have and we want your opinion on which you like the ebst :) ............Dorakami, Dual Harmony, Spoiled For Choice, Rooftops, FlyingFishMonkeys, High Spirits, Haipa Mujina (japanese for hyper badgers), Cows Go Moo Productions. Leave Comments With Your Opiniong ya big bunch of monkey lovers :)
    4 Replies 208 weeks

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  • No.ChocolateLynx.Isnt-Edible.Tessa
    luv No.ChocolateLynx.Isnt-Edible.­Tessa

    I miss seein u guys do crazy shit.:(

  • Dessie M
    luv Dessie M

    Yhuu Need A New Video

  • PinKy


  • 12/14/09
  • Paul Mckenna
    Paul Mckenna

    wen are we going 2 make new vids.....................is jonnys arm better

  • luv Miss Crowe

    Woohoo am d 600th member I rock!! Oh yeah my 10yr old bro lyks 2 do parkour n all dat...scares d crap outa me!!! Oh n I subscribed 2 ur YouTube channels:DD

  • PinKy

    only 1 more member to 600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOIN!!!

  • Tony Henry
    luv Tony Henry

    YAAAAAAY FOR HAIPA MUJINA!!!:L :L We frinking rock so much that we roll!!!:L

  • The Living Legend
    The Living Legend

    So when am i becoming an honarary member ;) :L You know i belong :P

  • James
    luv James

    if you guys want a great location for some of you stuff go to fore abbey its just outside oldcastle in meath http://www.megalithicireland.com/For... its like an old ruin

  • Conor W
    Conor W

    gettin better lookin forward to the next one:) :) :)

  • Cian S
    Cian S

    I am loving the new video :L

  • luv PinKy


  • Crazy Hippy Lady

    oh great. slow motion laugh. THATS not embarrassing =] XxXxXxX

  • Crazy Hippy Lady

    ummm guys you cant read the about me thing... skin design not so good.

  • Haipa Mujina
    Haipa Mujina

    Its anxiey bye black eyed peas :)

  • luv Chrissy

    Hey there. Love the video box :P Ehm just wondered who sings the song in the second video 'freerunning-parkour' ? the voice is familiar but i cant place it lol

  • Jamie Lynch

    boys good video hahahah:L :L :L :L nxt time ur doin it bags kickin ya in d head :L :L :L :L :L

  • Lori L
    luv Lori L

    kull site gud shit but ,i wuld like to c sumtine involving fire, and if u culd up the anti, like say drive a car into a guy standing on the top of a ladder r u culd run into thorns nude dats always funny:D u culd even fly a kite out of ur ass:D :D

  • Haipa Mujina
    Haipa Mujina

    I love the skin!!!:D And we have now over 500 members!!:D I wanna thank everyone that helped and that joined!!!:D Yous are great and yous deserve a good clap!!:D Keep tuned cause we'll have more vids of us doing stuff soon!!:D