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as if i just came on this peice of shit :L

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    Are you ready?

    If you got pregnant, would you keep it?
    i don't know. couldn't say until im in that situation.

    Who was the last person you talked to?

    What was the last thing you said aloud?

    How long would it take you to walk home from school?
    ummm an hour or sooo

    Thing you're looking forward to?
    nothing whatsoever.

    Do you admit when you're wrong?
    no. i'm never wrong (y)

    When was the last time your parents yelled at you?
    AHAAA quite a while ago actually. makes a change lol

    How are you feeling?
    hmm. meh

    Has anyone called you perfect before?
    yeah a few people. must be stupid... blind.. and deaf.. :L

    Has anything happened within the past month that has made you angry?
    leverything makes me fuckin angry

    Honestly, if you could go back one month and change something would you?
    umm yea i guess.

    Who was the last person who told you that things were going to be okay?
    alina (:

    When was the last time you cried?
    umm... a couple nights ago.

    What shoes are you wearing right now?
    my birthday shoes :)

    when is your birthday?
    may seventeenth '94

    Do you regret anything?
    um one or two things i wud definatley do differently. but i think everything happens for a reason.

    Have you ever trusted someone too much?
    NO. i dont trust people

    Do you sleep with your window open?
    no. spiders creep in & try to kill me ''/

    What's worse, having someone mad or disappointed in you?
    umm. i dno. i think most people are dissapointed in me. coz ima bitofa fail lol. cudnt give a shit if someone was mad at me, coz they can just fook off ;) . so yea.. dissapointed (y)

    Last August, how was your heart?
    in bits.

    Do you know how to change a diaper?
    no whata fail.

    Do you get along with girls?
    nope they're all sluts and bitches (y)

    How late did you stay up last night and why?
    about 12, then woke up at fouuuur! wtf

    What do you think about maths?

    Do people ever tell you that you apologize too much?
    i never apologize.

    Do you care if people hate you for no reason?
    no most people dont have a reason for hating me. reaaaaaly dont care :L kinda got used to it (:

    Did you reject or accept your last friend request?

    Was the last person you hugged a male or female?

    Who was that person?
    jessicaaa (:

    When did this hug take place?
    school :)

    Are you taller than your biological mom?
    duno i never see her. and good job too (y)

    Do you think you can last in a relationship for 3 months?

    Tell us something that reminds you of the last person that you fell hardest for?

    Were you single on your last birthday?

    where is your heart ?
    in me ass (:

    known anyone who has attempted suicide ?
    so they say. gahaahahaha

    who was the last person to call, how long did it take, what was it about, ?
    kyle, about 40 minits, and just stuffff :)

    5 things around you ?
    keyboard, amber, phone, celotape & headphones

    do you like talking on the phone ?
    yeah (:

    have you ever seen a bat ?

    is there anyone you hate ?

    is there someone you would like too meet?
    not really lol

    will you be single over winter ?

    are you mad at the person you like right now ?

    do you add random questions into surveys when you take them ?
    somtimes. coz theyre usually boring, like this one. (n)

    would you get married if you could right now ?
    yeah :)

    do you consider yourself spoiled ?

    do you get annoyed when you see someone you don't like ?
    not really.

    how was your weekend ?
    not too bad

    are you a mean person ?
    i can be.

    what woke you up today ?
    dno but whatever it was is a twat. woke me up at 4!!! >:(

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  • 119 :D

    SUPPOSEDLY if you’ve seen over 70 films, you have no life. Mark the ones you’ve seen. There are 239 films on this list. Copy this list and paste this on your bebo. Then, put x’s next to the films you've seen, add them up, change the header adding your number, and click post at the bottom. Have fun.

    Teen/ Romance:
    (x) A Cinderella Story
    () Another Cinderella Story
    (x) Step Up
    (x) Step Up 2
    (x) High School Musical
    (x) High School Musical 2
    (x) High School Musical 3
    (x) Hannah Montana Movie
    (x) Enchanted
    () Sydney White
    Total: 8

    (x) She’s the Man
    (x) Licensed to Wed
    (x) The Break-Up
    (x) 13 going on 30
    (x) 27 Dresses
    (x) P.S I Love You
    () Made of Honor
    (x) What Happens in Vegas
    () Get Smart
    (x) The Princess Bride
    Total: 8

    (x) Camp Rock
    (x) Wild Child
    (x) Ella Enchanted
    (x) The Princess Diaries
    (x) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
    (x) 50 First Dates
    (x) The Lizzie McGuire Movie
    (x) Hotel For Dogs
    (x) Just Married
    (x) Freaky Friday
    Total: 10

    (x) The Hot Chick
    (x) Sleepover
    (x) Confessions Of a Shopaholic
    (x) Twilight
    (x) Nancy Drew
    (x) The Devil Wears Prada
    (x) No Reservations
    (x) Perfect Man
    () Australia
    (x) Never Been Kissed
    Total: 8

    (x) Yes Man
    (x) Bedtime Stories
    (x) The Pink Panther
    (x) The Pink Panther 2
    () Marley & Me
    (x) Cheetah Girls
    (x) Cheetah Girls 2
    (x) Bratz
    (x) Haunted Mansion
    () Paul Blart Mall Cop
    Total: 8

    (x) The 40-year-old virgin
    (x) Night at the Museum
    (x) Night at the Museum 2
    (x) Evan Almighty
    (x) Bruce Almighty
    (x) White Chicks
    (x) Neverending Story
    () Meet the Spartans
    (x) Meet the Parents
    (x) Meet the Fockers
    Total: 10

    (x) Scream
    (x) Scream 2
    (x) Scream 3
    (x) Scary Movie
    (x) Scary Movie 2
    (x) Scary Movie 3
    (x) Scary Movie 4
    (x) American Pie
    (x) American Pie 2
    (x) American Pie Band Camp
    Total: 10

    (x) Harry Potter 1: The philosopher's Stone
    (x) Harry Potter 2: Chamber of secrets
    (x) Harry Potter 3: Prisoner of Azkaban
    (x) Harry Potter 4: Goblet of Fire
    (x) Harry Potter 5: Order of the Phoenix
    (x) Harry Potter 6: Half-Blood Prince
    (x) Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
    (x) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    (x) Lord of the Rings: Return Of the King
    (x) Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
    (x) Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
    Total: 11

    () Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
    (x) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    (x) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    () Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    (x) The Mummy
    (x) The Mummy 2
    (x) The Mummy 3
    (x) Journey to the Center of Earth
    () City of Ember
    () Finding Neverland
    Total: 6

    (x) Pirates of the Caribbean
    (x) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest
    (x) Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End
    (x) X-Men
    (x) X-2
    (x) X-3
    (x) Spider-Man
    (x) Spider-Man 2
    (x) Spider Man 3
    (x) King Kong
    Total: 10

    (x) Hellboy
    () Star Wars Ep. I The Phantom Menace
    () Star Wars Ep. II Attack of the Clones
    () Star Wars Ep. III Revenge of the Sith
    () Star Wars Ep. IV A New Hope
    () Star Wars Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back
    () Star Wars Ep. VI Return of the Jedi
    (x) Underdog
    (x) A Series Of Unfortunate Events
    (x) Batman: The Dark Knight
    Total: 4

    (x) The Matrix
    () The Matrix Reloaded
    () The Matrix Revolution
    (x) Terminator
    (x) Terminator 2
    () Terminator 3
    (x) Ocean’s Eleven
    (x) Ocean’s Twelve
    (x) Ocean’s Thirteen
    () Casino Royale 007
    Total: 6

    () Bourne Identity
    () Bourne Supremacy
    (x) Underworld
    (x) Butterfly Effect
    () Death Note
    () Death Note 2
    () Death Note 3: L Change the world
    (x) Resident Evil 1
    (x) Resident Evil 2
    (x) I, Robot
    Total: 5

    (x) Rush Hour
    (x) Rush Hour 2
    (x) Rush Hour 3
    (x) Mission Impossible 1
    (x) Mission Impossible 2
    (x) Mission Impossible 3
    (x) I Am Legend
    (x) Predator I
    (x) Predator II
    () Signs
    Total: 9

    (x) Saw
    (x) Saw II
    (x) Saw III
    (x) Saw IV
    (x) Saw V
    (x) The Grinch

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    I've had more than 3 relationships with the opposite sex.
    I've had more than 5 relationships with the opposite sex.

    I'm an only child.
    I want children later in life.
    I miss someone.

    I have my own bedroom.
    I hate X Factor.
    I'm happy with the way i look.
    I hate more than one person right now.
    I like someone at the moment.
    I've consumed enough alcohol i couldn't walk in a straight line.

    My parents are married.
    My parents were once married.
    I have come close to death.
    I regret letting someone go.
    I regularly attend school.

    I see myself as confident.
    I've seen the grudge.
    I put my trust in people easily.
    I have taken illegal drugs.
    I've done an all nighter.
    I have sang solo in front of an audience.

    I've lived in the same house all my life.
    I have moved house more than 5 times.
    I have moved house more than 10 times.
    I've been stereotyped.
    I have cried on at least one occasion today.
    I have cried on at least 3 occasions today.

    I have a high self esteem.
    I have lied to someone of the opposite sex.
    I have seen a therapist for any reason.
    I have admitted I have feelings for someone who didn't have them back.

    My glass is always half empty.
    I think the opposite sex finds me attractive
    I think people around me find me attractive.
    I have looked for my house on google earth.
    I have had a good day today.
    I've been called a whore.

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1. Full name
Ashlee Louise Alderton-Macleod

2. Nick name
Don't have one

3. Birthday

4. Birth place

5. Zodiac sign

6. Male or female
Female, i think :l

7. Year

8. School
Hamonds high

9. Occupation

10. Home town
Fransham, wheey boyys :L

11. MSN name
- ashleeeeeeeee; KRS' iloveyou!

12. Hair color

13. Hair length

14. Eye color

15. Height
5ft 9"

16. Braces?

17. Glasses?
Only For Reading

18. Piercings

19. Tattoos

20. Lefty or righty?

21. First best friend
Naomi Murrayy :)

22. First award
Cant Remember

23. First sport

24. First pet
A dog i think :S

25. First holiday

26. First concert
Cant Rememberr

27. First love
Nooo comment :l

28. Fave movie
Titanic for sure

29. Fave TV show
The Hills

30. Fave Color

31. Fave Rapper
Lil Wayne :)

32. Fave band

33. Fave song
Paramore - the only exeption

34. Best friend/s
jess, sofi, tilly, lucy + alina

35. Fave sweet
All Of Them :)

36. Fave sport
I deteste sport :/

37. Fave restaurant
Lucky star :P

38. Fave Brand

39. Fave Store
Miss Selfridge

40. Fave School subject
I hate them all :L

41. Fave Animal
Hmm, Meerkat

42. Fave book
The Twilight Saga

43. Fave magazine

44. Currently.. Feeling

45. Single/Taken

46. Do you have a crush?
I hate that word :L

47. Eating
Dunkers soon :)

48. Drinking
Irn Bru :)

49. Typing
Thiss ? duh

50. Online

51. Listening

52. Watching
Thu Screen

53. Wearing
My School Uniform :L

54. Future...Want kids?

55. Want to get married?

56. Job?
Photographer or Make-Up Artist

57. Live?
What the fuck?

58. Car?
One with Wheels and Doors-

59. In a boy/girl.. hair color

60. Hair length

61. Eye color

62. Height
Taller Than Me

63. Cute or sexy
Both :)

64. Lips or eyes

65. Hugs or kisses

66. Short or tall

67. Easygoing or serious
Bit Of Both

68. Romantic or spontaneous
Same As Above lol

69. Fat, slim or normal?

70. Sensitive or loud
Both Lol

71. Hook up or relationship

72. Sweet or caring?
Both :L

73. Trouble maker or hesitant
Trouble Maker :P

74. Is there someone you want but can't have?
Yeah. but im not goin to ramble on lol

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