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Frerard Fanfic

update at last

10/26/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

frerard - love
Me, Myself, and I
This is a fanfic, Myself,made of 2 ficlets:
1. Hugs
2. Chained in Love (may change titles)
Part 1 is not that smutty. it's set before MCR mostly.
Part 2 set in MCR Revenge era and is an experiment
This has:
bad language
minimal spellchecks
sex/scenes of a sexual nature
and more than 1 definate couple.
potential couples eg: GerardxFrank. The rest, you'll discover

Gerard likes to manipulate his brother Mikey. Mikey has become so used to Gerard's ways he barely notices how isolated and submitting he is. Then Gerard meets Frank. At first he is taken aback by love for this sweetie but he can he change his ways...?!
Frank on the other hand has been battered and bruised all his school-life, but never gets used to abuse. He moves to Belleville after another attack and our story begins....

www.livejournal.org - Mainly 'Myself' - IcyBoyBlues
www.ficwad.com - Oneshots/other fandoms - IcyBues
*Frank's birthday in this is moved to 1979 for story reasons*

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  • Swooping down

    Frank: A heavy hand landed on my shoulder and I felt like that was it, I was not gonna get out of the bedroom in the same condition I had entered.
    I felt the tears stain the sheet as it all hit me, that Gerard could be just as cruel as those guys at my old school. That he could just turn on me and abuse me whenever he wanted, that he never agreed never to hurt me. That maybe I wasn't good enough. That I was just a victim, the constant runt, never able to put up a decent fight.

    It hurt thinking that Gerard could be about to exploit me like I had once been so long ago. Mercilessly take me just for his own enjoyment, that relationships really aren't fair.

    So I gave in.

    I could never stop loving him, at the time that was how I felt, that nothing would split us apart. I'd go crazy if that were to happen. I wouldn't be able to cope with much more, my life was ruled by my lovely Gerard and Mikey at his side. All I had, reduced to really those two.

    If it took just one time to make him happy and we could carry on after that, maybe I was ready to take the sacrifice. Maybe he'd regret it, maybe...
    If this was what Gerard really wanted then I could cave in and let him have me and we could just pretend it was all okay. I choked down sobs and let my tears soak the pillow beneath me and with one hand aided my wriggling off my jeans.

    I was convinced that I had to carry this burden for us to continue our relationship, I was actaully sure that Gerard would do such things. Not then but how was I to know? I panic whenever I have to imagine us breaking up and I go into hysterics when I imagine it going badly. One time. If It took just one time for me to be brave then I'd do it... For us. I told myself this would be different, that though I didn't want the sex but wanted it so we'd stay close then it technically wouldn't be called rape at all. I told myself that it would be nothing at all, just that i was too tired to enjoy it, that was why I was refusing.
    I told myself to enjoy it.

    "Gee... I take that back. I'm sorry... See? I - I'm taking them off now. You can..." I buried my head furhter and had to shout to finish my sentence, "Just do it now."

    The hand slid off my shoulder lazily and trailed down my back and I was surprised when it didn't stoop to pick at my underwear.

    His voice was different to what I expected. It was hurt and it sounded concerened and serious. I flinched and grit my teeth.

    "I could never - Frank, I couldn't, not after..." I barely listened to the words and tried to pick up the rustling of sheets or the pressure and weight back on my back. "God, Frankie I'm the one who's sorry. I ..." Gerard never finished his sentence and simply sat silent.

    He grumbled in a pained way and moaned.

    Was it safe to get up?
    I wanted to understand what had happened. I didn't want to tempt fate or anything but this was not what Gerard would have said if he was going to go ahead and rape me.

    Gerard had his head in his hands and was sitting beside me, not even looking at me. He was shaking. Dry chokes made thier way up his throat and scraped the air with thier cool splutters.

    "I'm so sorry." He muttered. I got up to sit in front of him and touched his knee. At first he jerked it away but I persisted and he let my hand lie on his knee while I tried to think of something to say. Anything to express the whirlwind that tore it's way through my very logic and left me senseless and unsure of things once the storm settled.

    I had been wrong about this one angel in my life yet again, I mistook him for a demon and it took one minute to give myself in too. I never seem to be right with what Ithink about Gerard. One moment I think he's going to go cray, next he's calm and withdrawn.

    "Gee... I have no idea what to...I-I'm sorry if I -"
    "Shut up! It's all my fault! I got you raped and now I almost put you through the same!"
    I got hold of his arm and he fought me off

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  • between us

    Frank: I idly stroked at his longs if not slightly greased up locks before giving him an answer of some sort.
    "Better not Gee, another orgasm would kill ya." I gently let him down with my kind rejection, half wondering how his body would react to me.
    "Really? You think?" Gerard looked astounded all of a sudden, lookijg up at me wide eyed, a dash of daring penatrating my own.
    "Yeah!" I sighed, settling with nuzzling him to hint at doing more innocent things.
    "Then why don't you try an experiment?" Gerard laughed.
    "That's dumb, having you pass out was bad enough!" I protested, apparently in vain.
    "Aw... C'mon!" He pleaded, moaning and groaning away.

    I ignored this and turned onto my side though it only accentuated Gerard's begging rubbing more. "What was that I gave you, cause I'm starting to think it was viagra."

    "...Would you do that?" Gerard asked in a joke tone, hugging me now.
    "No!" I flopped over onto my stomach in a huff already, not used to Gerard's sudden bouts of childish - horniness quite yet. He is one seriously sexually-demanding person sometimes.

    "Not even if -"
    "No! Gee, stop it, I feel bad enough already, okay?"

    Gerard reared up as I felt some weight disappear off my back and sat silent for a while.
    "You shouldn't. Don't be moody with me, if anything I should be pissed off at you, being so rough and now denying me sex."
    He joked, I could hear that little twist in his lips as he spoke. Each word just sank into my skin, burrowed under, the unintentional venom I'm so sensitive to leaking through.

    We don't argue much but amittedly, it's about stuff like this, either guilt wars or something sex orientated wars, be it who does what or who said what.

    "Did I not fuck you well enough last night or something?" I murmured, thuroughly fed up with this conversation by then.
    "So can it." I concluded, pushing further into the fluffy pillow that I had been pounding against only the night before with such a different look on my face.
    "Okay so you're not horny, I get it." Gerard growled, tapping his fingers down my spine in such a chilling way I couldn't ignore. "But I am. And I know how to make you scream."

    "Gee... Don't even try anything on me. I'm not up for it." I put it simply, wanting him to either stop winding me up and just lie with me or get off completely. "These are the times masturbation was made for." I added with a smirk, waiting for his reaction, a recoil, a little tanrum-cry or an annoyed sigh at my dry humour. Any of those would be better than him 'making me scream' and yet agin proving his dominance that I so easily cave into. NOt that I don't enjoy it. With Gerard though, being the dominant one feels so badass, breaking our little rule based merely on height (and strength I guess).

    "God I love you so damn much." Gerard chided happily. I didn't expect such a reply. "But really, being on your front won't be doin' you any favours darlin'"
    Despite the circumstance, I shivered happily at his calling me 'darlin'' in that sweet voice of his. Sugar, honey and darlin'.... I can't help but love it when Gee says that.

    "And god knows you're a dirty bitch." My names weren't always so complimentary, "So stop trying to get me to do stuff." It wasn't a logical conclusion but I couldn't or cared less what words I used. I was sure I wouldn't give in to Gerard so easily. Plus, being on my front had one slight advantage: he wouldn't be able to tell if I really was that turned on or not. I could bluff my way out if it came to such measures.

    "No. You know I won't too." Gerard ran the tip of his nose up my back and I became uncomfortably aware of the ugly white lines left behind. He stuck out his tongue on the way back down, taunting me that I was utterly powerless once more. I was gonna play it that I was unimpressd, to tire him out basically.

    "Oh come on, give it up." I supressed more shivers, already gritting my teeth as I anticipa

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  • whirlwind

    It was surreal, unreal in every way. Though he had suspected it, he had hoped that his suspicions weren't right. It definately was not a great holiday season for anyone involved with Frank Iero and Gerard Way. The images flashed across the screen. the report was only short, a quick mention, no images of the mysterious scene, only mentions of around 2 important names and no certain facts.
    It didn't stop Mikey almost choking on his drink as he perched on his brothers unoccupied bed. At first, he thought it was someone else, happening in another world away but the seconds of innocent bliss were melted away when Shane's face was shown on the news screen. It tore him apart at the first glance, twisted his stomach in knots. It made him want to be sick.

    "Last night, a rape and drugging was reported in central Belleville. At 10:34 the Police recieved a call from one 'Robert Jameson' saying that the occupant of a flat on Banes' street had tried to rape him. Little is known about the events and Robert is still to be found. The apparent perpetrator, Shane Dewson, was found passed out in his room having stabbed himself using a black army knife with various cuts and stabs along his body. there is speculation over whether these cuts were self inflicted. He has been arrested on possession of many illegal drugs, includng cocaine. This is the call:..."

    It was Gerard's voice. It was Gerard who had called the cops. Mikey recognised it right away. He simply let his jaw hang limply and clunched up his fists, not in rage, just as a natural reaction. His heart simply sank, before seizing up, this meant so muh moret han the Police or the news had any idea of. He wretched as all the details mixed and swirled in his head.

    So that meant... Frank had been drugged and Gerard somehow knew this would happen. He rushed there to find Frank about to be.... Raped? Shane was going to prey on Frank and Gerard found them. The two had fought and obviously Shane had come out for the worst. It was a mystery how Gerard and Frank escaped, perhapes Gerard phones the police and made off. He's not the one to get involved with the police, especially when his friend had been murdered. He had little faith in them really.

    Mikey now knew more than the police though. Gerard had stabbed Shane, he knew it in the pit of his stomach. Gerard wasn't the one to let people off lightly. There's no way Gerard would let Shane go. He had stabbed him. Bastard deserved what he got though.

    "Oh god..." Mikey whispered into his hands, sobbing dry. It just wasn't right. It seemed to Mikey that Frank had been raped. Cruelly, just... Taken yet he didn't even know it. How wrong it was, he let Shane carry on talking to Frank. He didn't warn Frank at all about anything. About the touching and threats or what he was doing to sweet Gerard...

    Now both of the Way brothers bore the cruel weight of guilt upon thier shoulders, being the people they were. They stood on either side of Frank, the one they felt they had to protect, both knowing there was no point helping themselves. Frank just shone away happily, but at the same time a little concerned about thier feelings.
    Frank shone like a light to both of them. And when he finds out about Shane devouring it, even for a short while, how would he react? Mikey didn't want Frank to know, he couldn't just watch as Frank's eyes faded or exploded from shock. It was so much worse that he was to know after the Way's did. It was so sick, so twisted.

    Mikey gave in on himself, just falling down on his brothers bed, the aroma comforting in his absence. God how he wanted to have him back with him. How he wanted both of them back, just so he could make sure everything wouldn't fall apart like it promised to.

    And how the hell could Gerard just run off? understandably, he was probably scared of any Police attention but he had just taken off with Frank, regardless of condition and left Mikey clueless. It wasn't fair,

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  • Frerard Fanfic
    Frerard Fanfic

    updates as soon as, id love to be able to explain this propeerly but im all messed up atm :/

  • Frerard Fanfic
    Frerard Fanfic

    yessum :3

  • Frerard Fanfic.
    luv Frerard Fanfic.

    update more please?

    11/6/10 via Mobile
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    V down there, thats a link to destroya played for the first time EVAR in edinburgh <3 i didnt film this but i was there XD

  • Natalie Ritsuka 10/26/10
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    Frerard Fanfic

    right. we're live in ficwad now, copypasting hugs onto it as we speak XD

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    Frerard Fanfic

    oh god this is annoying... i cant go back pages to look at my previous blog. I have no idea why but it keeps going back to my own profile blog -_- any help? until then im making up shanes adress and surname, sorry DX :L

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    Awh dammit ;o

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    :3 pervert gonna daaah

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    Frerard Fanfic

    the new twitters dr death defying - the first to arise newsagogo - media link...? agent cherricola tommy chow mein - the newest on the scene there is also an agent cherrycola but many believe they arent real as no mcr members follow them. all accouundt spit out random shit about zones robots and post apocalyptica [yay new word] and also the desert.

  • Frerard Fanfic
    Frerard Fanfic

    this is what i gather from many and repeated sites: each channel has a meaning RFDD - ? BLND - bland, its evlavator music hence the name XD WKIL - we kill - a pic taken from an alzeheimers study that was also to do wtih mice in some way. the colour changes form heat 320C to 200c. it has static but the sound possibly a new song is fainlty behind it, getting clearer over time KLSK - classic a horse wih no name by an band called america, it is about a journey of 9 days. since the new site was launched on the 3rd september then that jounrey ends on the 12th. the date of the vma's. now we've been hearing a lot form the new twitters of 18:30 so, on sunday at the vma's, stay tuned at 6:30 O_O HRBT - heartbeat its just some ticking on a short loop possible zomie related due to the fact they seem to die and come back alive? WKIL is the most interesting channel AT THE MOMENT due to the sound getting clearer. the clock is getting faster on there too! :D

  • Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides
    Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides

    Whats goin on with mcr site?its just a box,theres no writtin.

    9/4/10 via Mobile
  • Natalie Ritsuka
    Natalie Ritsuka

    they might announce the new albm around then, but i have a few suspicions along as news to anyone who aint mcr.com regulars -the new mcr site looks awesome but slightly confusing? check the 3rd one down. is it an old bob dylan song? - a song is possibly is called 'sing' or 'na na na' (might be a single) [source: philadelphia radio i tink] - they need a rollerskating 'ladyboy' [refer to ad picture]

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    you will be automatically redirected to the appropriate lenders website http://short-urls.net/Fz

  • Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides
    Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides

    Is mcr album comin out on the 14'th of september??

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    Natalie Ritsuka

    bah! i dont like it anymore X]

  • Natalie Ritsuka
    Natalie Ritsuka

    ... dude?! i did this a while ago, thought it was relevant cos its meant to be gee..... i dont know if its convincing... :/ >.<

  • Frerard Fanfic
    Frerard Fanfic

    brb soon and update a lot finishing 4, 3 and 2, starting 1

  • Frerard Fanfic
    Frerard Fanfic

    theres a rather significant sentence in #5 and im so glad that i know whatll happen now! none of this (inlike the res) has been previously scripted before so its kinda tricky >w<