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Big Andy


11/19/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 24, Luv 17
  • from The awsume ville lol Townsville
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 375
  • Last active: 6/23/08
  • www.bebo.com/Bigg_Andy182
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About Me

Sleep Never, Party Forever - Gonna Have A Good Time - Get Amongst It
Me, Myself, and I
Hey ya'll ema ere, so ya found andy's page ay, awsome..............
Just updatin Andy's page to make it da bomb, cause it was so old lol, if you didn't witness it be4 I jumped on then omg ur so lucky lol well neways about ma boy andy,

well he's got brown hair and brown eyes
he's just so adorable and
he's so awsome to talk to aw and i forgot,
he's a bit of a pimp to ha ha ha,
he loves hanging wif his boi's an gurlz an going out and partying hard as per usual lol
Well he drives a white 1989 E30 bmw and it's the bomb so yeh
im pretty sure his myspace is better but yeh add him on der 2 ok

Um add him on msn 2 okayz on bigg_andy_88@hotmail.com

well neways that's pretty much all I can think of rite now so i'm out aight
*random much* lol
Atreyu, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Coheed and Cambria, AC/DC, My Chemical Romance, The Used, midnight oil, rollingstones, rob zombie, PINK FLOYD, Korn, Queen of the stone age, BREAKING BENJAMIN, funeral for a friend, Queen, 28 days, Sum 41, something with numbers, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, Bliss N Eso, Hilltop hoods, Coheed and Cambria, Disturbed, Fall Out Boy, Greenday, Taking Back Sunday, Sugarcult, Offspring, Plain White T's and yeh heaps more
ok well andy ain't really a movie person but he likes south park, fear & loathing in las vagas
FOOTY and sex if datz a sport lol
Scared Of
Andy ain't really scared of anythin so yeh
Happiest When
Partaying, hangin out wit his boi'z and gurlz and playin his kick arse sexc guitar
~x~ KALI ~x~
Well andy loves dis gurl, she's like his best friend cause she is an out there gurl and she is always makin him laugh and she makes him so happy.......................
x~ EMA ~x~
Andy loves me cause we like all the same musik and he thinks i am the best gurl to hangout with and i make andy feel so loved every time we talk and i am always gunna be his hoe and he's always gunna be ma pimp and yeh lotsa stuff that can't be said lol

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  • bebo thingo

    hey poeple so yea this is my bebo thingo u should like leave me a comment and yea look at alll my pictures i dont have haha :) yea my bebo thingo might not be that good but im a cool guy aye so do whatever u want im easy :D

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  • Xx.Emma.Xx

    Andy my boi can't wait till this saturday night aye gunna be massive... do you want me to come over friday and help you's clean up cause coombsey said you's are doing a full house clean and yeah the more hands to help the better if you's want you never come on bebo so i will txt you today when i go an get credit ok, i was just about to ring you but your at work lol

  • Xx.Emma.Xx
    luv Xx.Emma.Xx

    hey ma darling how are we man it was awsome hangin out when i was in townsville i will be back up there this friday to live ha ha ha it's just the best i can't wait..i didn't realise how much i actually missed townsville until I was up there last week...so yeah im cumin back and it's my 19th this saturday night so we are going clubbing ok well my darling here is my love and i shall see you on the weekend ok scribble back xx.ema.xx

  • Kiana Owensby

    howdy Burt OMG! this wild crazy hot girl is showing and playing with herself on msn messenger. Hit up sexyval1983@live.com before she gets off!

    9/10/08 via Mobile
  • Toohey-Oh

    big A whats ur number man

  • Xx Emzi Xx
    luv Xx Emzi Xx

    haha oh yeh awesome lol wat u up to on tha weekend r u goin show?

  • Xx Emzi Xx
    luv Xx Emzi Xx

    hey dude yeh ive been doin about the same... i seen u in stockland jus after i left u that comment!! weird!!! lol r u goin to tha show?

  • Xx Emzi Xx
    Xx Emzi Xx

    hey dude how ya been?? havnt spoken to u in fuckin ages!!!! what have u been up to??

  • Bradley Q


  • Toohey-Oh

    oi big cunt what u doing long timen o see lololol like 1 week ahha

  • Xx.Emma.Xx

    hellooo yeh i ain't workin, i am back at skool, but i think i already told you that lol well yeh i am fabulous, i am drinkin heaps lol, um i got a bf, an yeh all is goin very well with that yeh i miss you heaps to, i can't wait to see you's all agian, i miss the group heaps man, we had some good times when i was hangin with you's all, how's jess and luke goin??? hope their doin heaps good well neways my darlin nothin much has bin happenin other than skool ay, aw an drinkin, had some great times down here drinkin lol, my mate passed out last weekend, fuck it was funny cause she's a goody goody ha ha ha but yeh, i have my little crew down here, my an downey, doof an bonnie, an louis, we are all awsome drunks lol but yeh we are all goin campin this weekend out nebo way i think or at the top of sarina range at funnel creek or somethin so it should be freakin awsome, we only drank lite last weekend, gunna be blotto this weekend ha ha ha well tap back okayz love you always ma darling

  • Xx.Emma.Xx
    luv Xx.Emma.Xx

    hey darling, how are you??? bin a bit since i spoke to you so i thought i'd drop ya a comment.... i am still in skool lol, it's the holidays till the 15th lol, then i am moving to ayr to go to the burdikan agriculture collage to get my degree in becoming a jillaroo, so yeh then when i finish that i am gunna try an head up west, up the top somewhere an get a job on a station as a jillaroo *aw aka that's a female stockhadn like working with horses an cattle and stuff* but yeh i am a big ass country gurl now, i brought meslef an akubra, aka black cowby hat lol, an it's awsome lol well oi i am cumin up to townsville very very soon okayz, so i will ing yew when i know when i am cumin up ok, it's ma mates 21st so i will be up sometime next month okayz well oi send me some love cuase here's mine, an yeh i will talk to you soon okayz love you andy pandy lol xx.ema.xx

  • Penny
    luv Penny

    hey andy, my day was ok i went and dropped my car off to the amp and sub guy and he hooked it up for me, and while he was doing that i walked to stocklands. that was a ball of fun, i got a pretty shirt to wear with jeans cause i can. then i walked back to the car guy and picked up my car now my car is pummping :D then i picked up anglea from uni and we went to castletown for like 10 min then went to wow to visit my friend, then i had to take anglea back to uni, then i came home. and watched tv. and that was bout it . ate dinner watched more tv , ate some more, watched more tv, had a shower. now commenting on u :D how exciting . i will go to oztag on night... ha one night,.. like i said chicks dig scars... so once ur arm isnt alll yucky... i just hope that isnt the arm u use on my leg as ur arm rest .. ha well thats all from penny signin out love ya pennyxo

  • Xx Emzi Xx
    Xx Emzi Xx

    Hey bud how r you?? Long time no see hay.. how u been em