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Carly Noskiw

bb pin:211814E9 fb:carly noskiw snm twitter: @vodkababi12 dont use this bebo fing much nemore so add up on the fb or twitter!

8/17/12 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 20, Luv 404
  • from sinfin
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 7,503
  • Member since: July 2009
  • Last active: 8/17/12
  • www.bebo.com/iloveuboi
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About Me

iluu babii :P
Me, Myself, and I
×carly noskiw←
×19 years old←
×italy ←
italian &+ ρяoud so ғuck чou мαтə;)

əxтəптıoпs, мαkə uρ, ғαkəтαп, ωəəkəпds,vodkα&+ mч ғoпə booze,fags,weed,music,my girls&boiis мəαп əvəтчтнıпɢ

i sмokə i dяıпk, ı aм wнo ı aм, ғuckıп ɢəт usəᴅ тo ıт' ;]

facee book me: carly noskiw (y)

ωяıтə α coммəпт gıvə тнə ʟovə & coммəпт мч pıcs.

Wαg1 díckhєαd! <3

Give your chest a rest its been cold your whole life, i'll have you know the tales are about to turn and your gonna get what you deserve..[8]

08/08/2011 the day my nan passed away wish u styl wif us i miss u so much lifes not the same without you in it it makes no sense ur were like a mum an a bestfriend too me loveyoux

In one single moment
your whole life can turn around ♪
your just another picture to burn.♥.

music alcohol fridaynights.♥

Atchualy Is Loving Life Atm' :)

Iif Your Not With Mee,Your Against Mee!'♥

in life you have to takee thee risk ;)

Dnt Bovaa Addin Mee Tah Bash Yah Keybord =L'

Choww fo' nowww ♥ x
The Other Half Of Me


this guy is a muppet but hes fucking gawjuss:p

Mailing me..
Mail me & i block & delete you, simple as that unless i know you :)
facebook me : carly noskiw snm
Lífє ís αbσut trustíng чσur fєєlíngs αnd tαkíng chαncєs, lσsíng αnd fíndíng hαppínєss, αpprєcíαting thє mєmoríєs, lєαrníng frσm thє pαst, and rєαlízíng pєoplє chαngє.♥
I Hardly Ever Trust Anyone, If Yu Get My Trust Hold Onto It Cuz When Its Gone Its Gone For Gurd. I Tease And Flirt Quite Alot. My Frends Are More Important To Me Then Anything Else. I Have Strong Opinions Of Certian Things And Will Argue Me Point No Matter What. Nice Person But Yu Hurt Me I Dont Mind Hurting Yu Back. I Give Second Chances Out To Onli The People That Really Deserve Them But Onli Second Chances :|
r.i.p nan iloveyou &lt;3
08/08/2011 the day my nan passed away u took apart of me with you wen u went ur were like my my mum n bestfriend no one could talk to me like u always knew wha to do n what advice to give ur love was always prue ur were the greatest person on earth and i was lucky to have u in my life ill always love you ill never forget u r.i.p love u :(
MY FAMILY are MY WORLD.We MAY NOT always see eye to eye/argue/fall out or not speak BUT NO MATTER WHAT, we are ALWAYS there for each other when it matters !
my family complete me they mean everyfing too me
Me, Myself & I (:And after a while, you learn that you don’t need anyone else in order to survive. No one is ever going to always be there, no matter what they say or what they promise you. You just gotta suck it up, accept it."

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  • before you all make your minds up about me..read this blog and get to know the girl behind the pictu

    da name is carly noskiw
    i am 18 years old
    im italian&proud ygm:]
    i live in sinfin :]
    Im no were near perfect && TBQH ii Really dunt wanna be
    I have Made a lot of mistakes in my life && i Dont reget all of them....
    if ii did i wouldnt be tha gurl i am todaii...
    ii Smoke && drink buh tht dunt mek me a bad person...
    My mates are the Best...
    And im a total Push over....
    Im a Lover NOT a fighter Buh i WILL fight fo wat i love.....
    ii dunt like getting to close,,, So ii Will push you away....
    ii dunt CARE wat you think of me....
    Im Like Marmite you either Love me or Hate me....
    Im NOT imature,,, Just liike having fun...
    yuu dnt noe narfink bout me so dont judge wot u dnt noe ygm
    fake ?
    because i wear (apparently) , "loads of make-up" ?
    fuk you! it makes me happy and feel more confident =)
    big deal ! i'd love to know how it effects any one of you ?
    stuck up ?
    because i have my head down getting on with my own business ? im a very very shy person ! if i come across as stuck up ? its because im uncomfortable not because i think im better than anyone else!
    snotty ?
    because i get a stinking look and i give one back ? what goes around comes around !
    bitchy ?
    because i stick up for my mates and express my opinions ? if someones made it blatantly obvious that they don't like me then i aint about to pussy foot around them to get their approval !
    slutty ?
    because i wear a short skirt on the odd occasion and my tops are low ? doesn't mean i drop my knickers for every boy that crosses my path ! one day im going to be a fat, wrinkly, old mofo so best to flaunt it while im young even ii anit that skinny!!
    in love with my own reflection / vain ?
    good one or maybe i just wanted to take a picture !
    not even pretty
    fair enough..an opinion that some people have about me ! but do i really need to hear it ? the ironic thing is..i dont think im pretty so there is absolutely NO relevance in this comment whatsoever ! i look how i feel happy ! im not asking to be accepted as pretty ! im not asking to be accepted at all ! im asking to be left alonesomeone talks to me..i talk back ! try giving me a smile and see what you get back :)
    shy ?
    because i cant hold a conversation for more than a minute and can never think of anything to say tbh it takes a while to get to know me before i come out of my shell but when you get past me you can never shut me up and im actually a very friendly person =) despite what people say n once u get to noe me i anit as shy as u think trust me !
    i can't trust anyone&yeah it will take ages for me to trust because every1 ive ever trusted has always hurt me so no i dont do trust nemore happy?
    Certain Human Beings Need To Realise That You Dont Know Me.. Think Wisely Before You Wanna Open Your Mouth.. I Do Me.. So If You Would Politely Do You... Then The World Can Go Round.. Assumptions Don't Get Any1 Anywhere, So If You Want To Assume How I Live My Life.. Den Rite A Book About It.. I Don't Do Hype. I Don't Do Fights. Cos If I Start, How's It Gonna End? And If It's Gonna End.. What Was The Point Of Me Starting?..


    privet mail&msn (y)
    sorry i dont replie to mail unlesss its imporant but yuu have to say on my profile that uur gonna leave me a priveat mail 1st cause other wise it just gets delted want my msn? its on my profile do dont pirvet mail me 4 that or to tell me w.e unless its really imporant like yuu need someone to talk but yu cant talk bout it on the main profile so if i dont replie dont say i didnt warn you(y)
    thier no point in privet maling 4 my msn cush it on me profile if u looked at the side yh
    pm is 4 shy people and 4 stupid lil lads that hav gf but want to chat up other gyals SO DONT WASTE UR TYM YGM CBA WID DICKHEADS ETHIER SO READ DA RULES LYK!


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  • tell the truth:)

    1.Who are you?
    2. Are we friends?
    3. When and how did we meet?
    4. Give me a nikname and explain why?
    5. Describe me in 1 word?
    6. what was ur first impression ov me?
    7. do u still fink the same?
    8. What reminds u ov me?
    9. If you could giv me anything wot wod it b?
    10. How well do u no me?
    11. Whens the last tym u saw me?
    12. Eva wanted to kiss me?
    13. Eva wanted 2 tell me sumthing u couldnt?
    14. do you fancy me?
    15: would u ever hug me?
    16: do u hate me?
    17: do you think im ugly?
    18: do u think im preety?
    19: anything to say b4 you go?

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  • Staah In Da Hood
    luv Staah In Da Hood

    Hey you okay? How you been :) x

    5/18/12 via Mobile
  • Luger-Gideon
    luv Luger-Gideon

    Lol. Cool. Did u hv a gd Easter btw. Xxx

    4/12/12 via Mobile
  • Luger-Gideon
    luv Luger-Gideon

    Awww, same. I hope you didn't get drunk lol. Happy Easter btw. Take care xx

  • Luger-Gideon
    luv Luger-Gideon

    Thanks 4 following me bk on twitter lol. Wuup2? Any plans 4 Easter? Wb xxx

    4/4/12 via Mobile
  • '

    haha you get up to much this weekend? Hope you kept all your clothes on (not really) ;) x

  • '

    Im good too thanks babe!
    Not up to much just at work.. trying to hide my hangover from the boss.
    Had one messy weekend! :L x

  • Luger-Gideon
    luv Luger-Gideon

    Aww, your just like me then lol. cool, sound fun to me lol. Are you on msn ot twitter? I am just at home atm. I might go out later tho lol. wb xxxxx

  • '

    Hiya Carly,
    you alright babe? Up to much??

  • Luger-Gideon
    luv Luger-Gideon

    Aww lol. Sorry 4 the late reply cuz I haven't been oh here 4 the past 2 days:-). Any plans 4 the weekend? Xx

    3/31/12 via Mobile
  • Luger-Gideon
    luv Luger-Gideon

    Aww I hope you didn't get drunk lol. nothing tbh. I was at home all day lol. Gd night. Ttyl xxx

    3/27/12 via Mobile
  • luv Abby

    awhhh fankkuu :) am better nw jz had a ryttttt lonnggg hotttt bath in the morning :D u cn have shum loveee aswell :D xxx

  • Luger-Gideon
    luv Luger-Gideon

    Are you enjoying the sunshine? I hope so. Ttyl xxxx

  • Abby

    nt goodd been ill todayy :( gt a temp xx

  • Luger-Gideon
    luv Luger-Gideon

    Cool. I'm just on msn and on here lol xxx

    3/25/12 via Mobile
  • Abby

    heeeeeyyuupp lvv hww yuuu beeennnn guurrjuzzzz :) xxx

  • Luger-Gideon
    luv Luger-Gideon

    Aww same lol. Any plans 4 the weekend? Xx

    3/23/12 via Mobile
  • Luger-Gideon
    luv Luger-Gideon

    awww lol.fun but didn't get drunk lol. What are you upto? wb xxx

  • Luger-Gideon
    luv Luger-Gideon

    cool, I am just bored at home atm lol. You? Thanks. Did you have a gd weekend? wb xx

  • Wily C Bonner
    Wily C Bonner

    aww yes woman it sure is the way forward boost or redbull both same more or less lol......! xx

  • Wily C Bonner
    luv Wily C Bonner

    Ohhhhhh yea just havin a 10g of vodka & a bottle of boost darlin as its been a long HARD wk workin u knw lol wbu sexi?